Hobbies Other Than Writing!


Ahh! I love that game so much. I’m a huge Fallout nerd. I played that on PS4 and then I’ve been playing the VR version. Extra fun.


Dude, I just looked at your Wattpad profile. I also have a degree in video games! What are the odds? I’m following you.


Nice :slight_smile: I had a less than legal version on pc for a while but the game of the year edition was on sale on ps4. I’m really excited to play the dlc


Oh awesome :slight_smile: I’m actually back in school now. There’s no game jobs around here and the IT opportunities are pretty crap in this area. So I’m changing careers to businessy things. Still not sure what I’m going to do


I ended up going the writing route and am back in school for creative writing and German. I learned that I’d rather play video games than make them.


Yup that’s what I found as well :stuck_out_tongue: I loved my course but I couldn’t see myself working in the field. Not to mention I’d need to move halfway across the country to work in game design


Aw, man. I didn’t know this was gonna have so many replies. I should’ve posted a thing that displays my singing hobby ahah


I cook. I like to cook, don’t care much for the mess after, but I enjoy making big meals and feeding everyone. a well fed person is a happy person.


I like to cook too, just not 3 meals a day.

Have you got a favorite type of food?


yup, I like pasta, but I like cooking anything really as long as at the end of the day people like the food, it don’t matter to me. but if im the one to eat, ill take pasta any day.


I do hair and make wigs for my clients.
I have an event/floral business with my mom.
I paint and draw whenever I have time
I decorate, design, and stage homes.


I’m a musician. As you can imagine, I don’t have very much money.


Oof, same!


Holy, that’s beautiful! You’re really good! :slight_smile:


Hey! me too! I use Wordpress, what about you?


What I mainly do in my free time from writing is my part time job and then the job I hope to go pro in: Cosplay and blogging. And of course becoming an author :grinning:


You’re TOO kind!
I’m just a hack fanartist who is now also a hack writer. :slight_smile:
It would be nice to actually graduate to something more serious, but I do what I can with what I’ve got.


I love fanart! I think it’s so cool seeing other peoples interpretations of their favourite characters!


I really enjoy watching films. Recently I wrote down a list of all the films I’d like to watch…
300 films (so far)


Me too.
Well wordpress and blogger (own by google). Though am aiming to use my wordpress for book review and posting some of my work