Hobbies Other Than Writing!


As I said before, I sing stuff.

This is a 'lil snippet, ahaha. I didn’t say I was good…


I like sleeping.


blacksmithing, bladesmithing, carpentry, cosplay, prop making, sewing, sculpting…I do a little of everything but so far only prop making, carpentry, and bladesmithing have made me money on the side.


social justice & protesting
listening to music
binge watching tv shows
attempting to write a screenplay
video games


I also have a Destiny 2 clan! Destiny 2 is crack incarnate.


I just started playing!


I am an amateur photographer but beyond that…I hike, backpack, kayak, rock climb, and I am training for a half-marathon in hopes to one day up it to a full marathon. Occasionally I do art in which I either work with chalk pastels or pencil.

Being outdoors is a thrill to me. It helps me thrive. My dream is to get my triple crown in thru-hikes here in the US (Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and the Appalachian Trail). I’m trying to build a following on instagram to hopefully one day get sponsorship so I can do this.


hey same here! that’s so cool. I’m still learning and making quite a few mistakes along the way but it’s pretty fun huh?


That’s awesome! What’s it called? I would to check it out.


Literally, same to like, everything you said. I am also a backpacker, kayaker, and rock climber AND am training for a half marathon (hopefully to make it a full one someday). I absolutely love anything to do with the outdoors!


lol which part? XD I listed a bit up there.


Besides writing, I love to play video games. I’ve been playing them since I was three and want to become a game designer. I’m an amateur cosplayer and love to attend conventions!


lol all of it really. I do a lot for prop making and my cosplay so I end up dabbling in basically everything you listed.


now am feeling shy :blush:
It’s mjenewari.wordpress.com


What’s yours?


Oh nice! What props/cosplay have you made?


Heh cool! I’ll check it out once I get off work :slight_smile: mines https://www.quotablecreations.com


Thanks! And a lot lol I’m trying to go pro. But probably my favorite so far would have to be Envy from fullmetal alchemist and currently I’m working on mira Jane’s satan soul siri armor from fairy tail


I polish stones in my free time, though it’s been a few days. I should get back to that soon


I paint abstract expressionism based on post-impressionist and modernist works. This means nothing unless I can show you a couple of pictures: