Hobbies Other Than Writing!


You’re welcome!


I work on this website in my spare time!


I draw stuff, but kinda ugly.

once made a “manga” version of my book which at this point could not continue due to being busy watching over our store (meaning I have no access to our PC)


Guess I’m pretty retro: I really love to cook.


Well, I don’t have much spare time (I’m a doctor) for hobbies, but I love running. Currently training for an upcoming half-marathon.

I’ve also been very interested in photography, but have had no luck perusing such hobby.


It’s a great hobby! We all need to eat. Eating a work of art makes it fun.

I had to learn to cook as a kid - now I have an odd relationship with restaurant food - I hate it - but I eat it.


At the moment, I do yoga, painting, reading, starting up with photography and taking care of my bunny (beyond minimum). Want to take up archery again tho. I did it a few years ago.


I do beaded embroidery and other beadwork stuff.


I play piano and sing! I also nerd out over Broadway. Broadway has consumed me body and soul. In milder weather (I live in the Midwest and currently have literal feet of snow outside my door) I really enjoy running.


I’m currently trying to get back into playing the piano. Some of my favorite things are reading (big surprise there, lol), bullet journaling, yoga, running, and chilling with my pup :slight_smile:


That’s gorgeous! Most beadwork is symmetrical, and yours is wild and unpredictable.

Trés cool!


I play the guitar and absolutely love basketball. I’d like to say that I also enjoy cooking, but I’m really bad :sweat_smile:.


Watching animation & playing video games (usually just weekends for the latter).
I like reading, and just chatting online about various things.
Currently in Discord groups for video games, art, and writing, including Friends of Wattpad, Shut Up and Write, and Project Super.


I enjoy traveling, my cat, and cooking.

I’m also an artist, musician/composer, programmer. (Went to school for Game Design).


I do yoga and sing, although I haven’t been able to do either much lately–I haven’t had as much time for music, and I was in an accident and broke my leg, so yoga is a bit difficult at the moment.


When reading and writing tires me out, I draw…practicing to do digital art and listen to lofi music playlist on Youtube.


Hello! I love drawing, listening to/making music, drumming, and fangirling over bands and tv shows.


that one is so pretty


Thank you!


That ones an easy to answer for me.

Most of all, I adore gaming above all when it comes to spending my free time with friends. And as to what game, that would be Elder Scrolls Online. So if anyone here is playing and wants to play with someone, do feel free to PM me. I’m from Europe, so keep that in mind.