Honest Alpha/Beta Readers? (Payment there)

Hey guys!
I am looking for an Alpha/Beta Reader who can help me with my completed YA novel.
It would be amazing if you could critique it (Plot, characterization, all the hooks and climax- So I would be needing you to read the whole thing.)

Here’s the summary, let me know if you are interested.

Book Details

Title: It’s My Turn Now!
Blurb: 5 lives; 4 secrets; 3 friends; 2 surprises; 1 player
Together, the perfect recipe for disaster!
5 high school students have secrets. Like we all do. But what do you do when you know someone else’s? Hide it or pull them out? Especially when friendship is at stake…
And things always grow more complicated when there’s a player involved: an unexpected person, doing unacceptable things, causing unforgettable damage.
Ally is new to Mountain Bird. She might be new and alone but comes with a plan. A plan to destroy the Wood brothers; who fall for her good act. Maybe too soon!
And yes: There are no rules. So it gets pretty dirty.
Let’s see who wins? Or rather, who looses!

Payment: We can discuss that, but I assure you a permanent follow for all your hard work and efforts.

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ooh! i’m intrigued and would love to help. no extra payment needed, i’m just here to help

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That’s so sweet of you! :smiley:
Please tell me your Wattpad username and I will dm you

wattpad user is @marvlymelon :]

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i rlly just misspelled my own @ yay me

lol :laughing:

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