Honest, but constructive feedback ~~ For Free ~~ (closed)

Felix here,

I’ve come across a few gems here on WP over the years. Maybe you have a story that’s a diamond in the rough? Or one that is cut and polished? :thinking:

I’m willing to take the chance and read YOUR story. All you have to do is fill out the very simple form below.

Any kind of story is acceptable, but keep in mind:

I’m an adult male who likes fantasy and sci-fi, enjoys romantic subplots, and has been known to read chick-lit from time to time. I’m not thrilled about reading something YA with a 17-yo heroine with special powers, purple eyes, and two love interests. But if you ask, I will try to read that too! Same with 1st person POV. I prefer 3rd person, but I’m willing to read 1st, bc I’ve come across some that are really good.

There is no charge, it’s a hundred percent free service. You could oc do yourself a favor and enjoy one of my works, but it’s not required :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: The reason I’m not asking for ‘payment’ is simple: I’ve tried book clubs and read-for-read stuff in the past, and it gives me very little to ‘force’ someone to read a set number of my chapters. I also want to improve my critiquing skills, and there is only one way to do that :wink:

There is, however, a tiny catch:

I will only read as far as I enjoy the story. So you’re NOT guaranteed I’ll read the whole thing, like a normal critic would. If I get bored or annoyed or whatever, I stop. That includes a crappy cover or sloppy blurb. Bad structure, unclear POVs, horrible grammer (joke) are also potential roadblocks, but I can live with a few misspelled words and missing commas (God knows I’m guilty too). Otherwise, I’ll potentially read till the end.

While reading, I’ll like whatever chapters I like, and may drop some comments along the way. I’m not going to point out stuff like individual grammatical errors, but instead focus on the bigger picture. I’m not your editor-for-free. Think of me as an easily bored and unfaithful beta reader if you will.

When I stop reading, I’ll make it known why I stopped, what I liked and didn’t like, and what might have kept me going. This final summary will be posted be sent to you by PM, and added as a reply to your request in this thread.

You are of course more than welcome to discuss the feedback with me, be it by PM, here, or in the comment section of your story.


(preferably by commenting here, but PM is acceptable)

Title: The title of your book.

Link to story goes here.

Genre: Main genre and sub-genre (if any).

(anything goes, but I tend to like fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal and romantic erotica)

Tags: A couple fo interesting tags, such as romance if there is romance, or paranormal if it has werewolves and stuff. Leave it blank if you want.

Focus areas: Anything, in particular, you want feedback on? Leave it blank if you want.


Stories currently being reviewed: https://www.wattpad.com/list/823368840

Stories in the candidate pool: https://www.wattpad.com/list/822394070

Stories already reviewed: https://www.wattpad.com/list/822521455

Examples of final reviews can be found further down. If this isn’t what you’re after, don’t apply :grinning:

While waiting for me to review: Feel free to check out the stories in this thread! Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you like?

Title: Inverted


Genre: Mystery/thriller

Tags: Paranormal, relationships, communication, daredevils.

Focus areas: if it grabbed you, if you want ti read on!

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Title: lapping waves
Genre: drama (I think)
Tags: violence, mental health, school
I haven’t got anywhere specific I’d like you to focus on. I’ve just started writing this, there are only 2 chapters, so any feedback is appreciated. I guess I should warn you that it is about a school shooting, but it’s not too graphic. Thank you

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Hi! I’d love your feedback on my story :slight_smile:!
Title: The Wings of Storm.
Genre: Portal fantasy adventure.
Tags: Action, young YA.
Focus Areas: Plot, pacing and character development are my main concerns right now.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:!

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Title: New World

Genre: Fantasy

Tags: Action-Adventure

Focus areas: Main concern is that I don’t seem to get a lot of people to continue reading. What flaws do I have that people don’t continue? Would you keep reading? (And ignore the whole grammar aspects, I’m still working on fixing it all. And each time I fix a mistake, two more suddenly appear.)

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Title: The Gifted
Genre: Horror/Paranormal
Tags: cult, thriller, horror, death, travel
Focus areas: nothing in particular :slight_smile:

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Can you edit your post to include a link?

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Can you edit in a link in your post?

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Done ^^!

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Thank you for considering :yellow_heart:

Title: Fractured Red

Genre: Werewolf/adventure

Tags: #shifters #grimdarkfantasy #tragedy #noromance

Focus areas: Pacing, is it keeping your interest (if not, why?), do you like the characters? And any questions/confusion?

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This sounds like a sweet commitment.

Title: 24 Weeks And A Day
Genre: Chick-lit
(Some humor in there)

I just need one guy’s opinion! Tell me how cringy the males in my book are :joy:

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Title: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/168611872-the-legend-of-the-moonflower-princess

Genre: Fantasy, romance, adventure

Focus Areas: Characterization, plot, pacing

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Title: A touch of Death on My Mind

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/178317136-a-touch-of-death-on-my-mind

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Focus Area: Characters, pacing, dialogue, is it understandable

Tags: myth, worldbuilding, immortal

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Title: Wife of My Soul
Genre: Fantasy/ romance/ humor
Tags: stalking, kidnapping, satanic cults (but I’m also trying to keep things light)
Focus areas: If you stopped reading, what made you stop reading?

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Title: The Quiet Sin

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/131677271-the-quiet-sin

Genre: General Fiction/Fan Fiction (Only considered fan fiction because of the people I’ve used)

Tags: BTS, Forbidden Love, Death, Gangs, Suicide, mental health…

Focus areas: Does the story flow nicely? Grammatical errors? Is the writing style consistent?

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Title: Quit Bugging Me


Genre: Fantasy

Tags: kid lit, bullying, school, coming of age

Focus areas: Is there a good balance between dialogue and description? What elements of the story have the strongest impact on the reader (positive or negative)?

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Title: Rayne On Me

Chapter One

Genre: Romance, Young Adult

Tags: Alcoholism, Depression, Drama, Recovery, Trauma

Focus areas: Characterization & Plot

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Title: Daughters of Fate Book 1


Genre: Fantasy

Tags: Adventure

Focus areas: General thoughts, etc. are always appreciated!

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Title: Money Hearts
Genre: Teen Fiction
Tags: Rich kids, family issues (divorce, feeling of abandonment), enemies to friends (maybe lovers??), feud between families, etc
Focus: Nothing in particular. I don’t need compliments, just please state why you stopped reading (if you do) and your overall rate of enjoyment

Thank you in advance!

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