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Hi everyone! Welcome to my feedback!

If you are looking for an honest read or feedback on a story, look no further I am here to help! I am very active on Wattpad and promise to get back to you ASAP. (Maybe even quicker if you check out my book below!) :wink:

In order to do so, please reply with the following information:

  • Title of Book
  • Genre
  • Summary
  • Link
  • Where you would like to receive your feedback (EX. Comments here, Story comments, PM)
  • Any other information you find important for me to know!

PAYMENT: Of course any form of payment is not required but I would deeply appreciate it if you guys would check out my new story, https://www.wattpad.com/story/181082375-on-my-own . It is a Niall Horan fanfiction (I know not all of you will love that) BUT. It is up to date with his current life (not previous one direction plots). The other one direction boys will occur throughout the book and although he is famous, it is as realistic as possible and more of a romance than fanfiction. SO if you want a good ROMANCE book THIS IS IT!

The Kingdom of Vatra (@PurelyAliyah)
Love Scarced (@carikitty)
A Secret Crush (@Fabulousdavis222 )
Black Rose (@paddycarr )
Somebody to You (@imtotallynotokay )
Work in Progress (@EleanorMichaels )

Wattpad Letters (@eliyeda )
The Kingdom of Ice (@kyrrai )
Lovely Interests (@Minnie_3255 )
New World (@A_Darken_soul )
Don’t forget to Smile (@Eden20157 )
Tennis: Legacy War (@genekeis )
The World Changer (@draphy )
His Eternal Muse (@BiblioWrites )
Lost and Found (@FlyingRight )
Monster Academia (@damien1003 )
The Elemental Sorceress (@RobClark5 )
The Wasteworld (@SkyeSweven )
Schrodinger’s Child (@modestmeri )
Wandering Hearts (@TheSolSoldier )
Valiant (@JordanWSims )
Dragon Rider In The Modern World (@ModernWaterRider )
A Game of Changing Tides (@ottenhailey )
Ivory Black (@Writerthoughtss )
Lizzy & Darcy (@DarthAthena )
The Perfect Melody (@addictogold)
The Rookie (@HavenStiel ) {In Progress}
Words Left Unsaid (@awrxtxr )
Contouring (@somniloquis)
The Eagle’s Arrow (@Xenoclea )
Ostentatious (@insouciantsoul)
Festival of The Dragon (@rigantor)
High Class (@Vintaginity )
The Care System (@Ezmeralde)
*Where There is Nothing (@artistaherby)

*If there are special circumstances, they’ll be mentioned in my ‘Announcements’ post.


Hi!!! This is my first completed story and would love your feedback! Thanks

Title: Wattpad Letters: A vintage twist into a modern love story
Author: @eliyeda
Genre: General fiction, contemporary romance, humor
Chapters: prologue + 17 chapters + epilogue
Status: Completed
Sally Ross is your typical Wattpad user. She enjoys reading, writing and critiquing.

But Wattpad is just a virtual world that she uses to escape from her reality.

Shaun Jonas is the pen name of another Wattpad user with more secrets than he’s willing to share. Yet, he found himself genuinely interested in Sally. A first for him.

This is a story of how a casual Wattpad interaction can turn into so much more.

Triggers: Mature Language, Sexual Innuendos/Content, and Depression

Link: Triggers: https://www.wattpad.com/story/176909720-wattpad-letters-a-vintage-twist-into-a-modern-love

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Hey i just recently published an old story i’d love feedback on!
Title: The Kingdom of Ice
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: Settled in the far north is the kingdom of Noir, where snow covers the entire land. Under the rule of the king, the people of Noir live under complete military occupation causing outrage throughout the country. Enter Sima Reine, captain of a small cavalry unit and genius son of a powerful military family, and Aria, a tough street urchin who takes part in a growing rebellion. Bound by their duties to their loved ones and their positions in society, both struggle to find their paths in a country where violence and war is the way of life.
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/181120975-the-kingdom-of-ice
Story comments is fine!


Title: Of Sinners And Saints
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Summary: check it out
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/648773165-of-sinners-saints-book-1-bbc2017-prologue-edited


Title: New World

Genre: Fantasy

Chapters: 21 (Ongoing, Updates Every Other Sunday)

Summary: One day I woke up with a single thought racing throughout my mind, “Stay alive… Find the truth.”

Follow the story of Anthony, a boy who one day woke up with only the clothes on his back and the name given to him at birth, on a cliffside to a world which he doesn’t recognize; a world in which he doesn’t belong to. Alongside Jay, a cold but full-hearted-mentor. Follow them as they use the unlimited arts of magic to make connections throughout this cruel world and fight to find the truth they desire.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/146016605-new-world

PM would be nice.

Please Come Check Out My Story. Thank You!

  • don’t forget to smile
  • Genre teen fiction
  • Zora has always lived with anxiety but never put much effort into helping herself get better. After she meets someone who brings out the best in her she realizes life isn’t all that bad if you have someone to tell you everything’s okay and you can do the same for them.

Cody’s dad died from a heart attack. Then he moved. He found himself depressed. He didn’t want to tell his mom since she was still grieving. When he meets someone who brings out the best in him he realizes that he can fee like a kid again.

Both teens struggle with a different mental illness. Both have different pasts and not many friends. What will happen when they meet? They teach each other to grow with what they have and get over their fears.

This story is to raise awareness for those with special needs. Either mental or physical. We should all treat each other fairly. Never should we not talk to someone because they are different. We are all loved by God equally.

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Hi, I have read the first 5 chapters of your story. Where would you like to receive your review? If I don’t hear back from you soon, I will just PM you. Thanks!

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Title - TENNIS: Legacy War
Summary- ‘’… Life … Life … Life is a game of tennis.’’
Everything starts and is based on this sentence. Do not mistake yourself! This isn’t a basic story revolving around the sport of the nobles. It’s more of a metaphor. And you’ll soon get why. Let’s enter the world of the 1% of the population and understand. Let’s live with true insiders the ups and downs, the roller coasters, of the life of the golden youth. Without filter, let’s get into a world where all that counts is the bank account and the pedigrees. Let’s share their loves, their battles, their struggles, their sorrows. Let’s live through their eyes and enjoy their world, because everything is not what is seems. Of course, not without the glamorous touch and the Chanel bags as additions. Get your golden rackets out!
Genre - Teen / Adult Romance fiction
Link - https://www.wattpad.com/story/177656678-tennis-legacy-war
Hello! I’d like to receive feedback in my story’s comments. Thanks you in advance for your support!

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Pm is fine :slight_smile:

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Title: Lovely Interests
Genre: Romance
Summary: Izzy and Thonas have played love interests almost every year in the school plays but what happens when their characters’ feelings begin to merge with their real feelings?
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/user/Minnie_3255
Where I would like to receive my feedback: PM please

Thank you!!

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Hi, I was able to give feedback on the first 2 chapters of your story. (Normally I would read more, but your chapters were much longer than others, hope you don’t mind.)

Thanks again! Just a reminder I love writing and talking to other writers and I would really appreciate it if you checked out my new book! https://www.wattpad.com/story/181082375-on-my-own

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of course! i’ll take a look shortly!


Sent you a PM! Awesome Story!


Your PM is sent! Great Job! Congrats on all your views! Hope you reach 1k soon!

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Hi! I posted your feedback in the story comments for you!
Just a reminder I love writing and talking to other writers and I would really appreciate it if you checked out my new book! https://www.wattpad.com/story/181082375-on-my-own


Thank you so much!!


Accepting New Requests!


Hello! I’d love to have your feedback on my story :slight_smile:!

  • Title of Book: The World Changer
  • Genre: Portal fantasy adventure.
  • Summary:
    Tahro Akagi shouldn’t live in two worlds at once.

Yet he couldn’t stop the magic that made him set foot in the lands of his favourite book. Not when he needed a place to belong and found it among the characters he cherished in the continent of Saishuu Riku. And not when he has to save them from the fate told in its pages.

But if a butterfly’s wings can bring thunderstorms, then his every breath is another flap as it flies, his every heartbeat a danger to those around him.

Unwittingly, he plunges too deep into the conspiracy of a witch biding her time against the continent. When tensions rise between the ministers of Saishuu Riku, and children are kidnapped by a man with butterfly-patterned knives, Tahro knows he’s changed too much. Events that should happen don’t, and his new friends are caught in a crossfire he wants no part in.

But if one of the kidnapped children is his friend, can he choose between her and the rest of the world?

  • Link: https://my.w.tt/0caATIB9ZU
  • Where you would like to receive your feedback (EX. Comments here, Story comments, PM) Story comments would be nice :slight_smile:!
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Title: Monster Academia
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: Oliver find himself into trouble getting hired at a unknown school. The girls may be cute but they pack a bite! Because they’re deadly monsters
Feedback: Comments lol I love thoughts corrections and suggestions!
Thank you so much!

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Title of Book: The Elemental Sorceress
Genre Fantasy
Summary Pursued by Death Wraiths and hunted by Kings, the young woman Loldirr has her world turned upside down as war ravages the countryside. But precious metals are formed under extreme pressures, can the young heroine tap into the power inside of herself before the world descends into chaos and a greater evil emerges.
Link https://www.wattpad.com/story/161831695-the-elemental-sorceress
Where you would like to receive your feedback (EX. Comments here, Story comments, PM) Happy with any/all options
Any other information you find important for me to know! This is mature for violence, language and innuendos due to its Medieval theme. It’s also only 3 chapters long currently

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