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Hello. I am offering honest feedback on your story, such as grammar corrections, my opinions & dislikes/likes. I’m here to help!

What I perfer Romance, Teen Fiction, Comedy & Horror

Payment Only thing I ask for in return is that you read the first 2 chapters of my story Ivory Black & give inline comments! Thank you in advance.

My Story https://www.wattpad.com/637431408-ivory-black-01

You don’t have to complete the payment until I accept your story.

Number of chapters you want me to read: (I’ll read up to 5)


Title: The Song of the Black Sea
Genre: nautical fantasy
Summary: a former captain finds himself meeting the creature that saved his life ten years ago
Number of chapters you want me to read: only 5 available. If you wanna only read 2 (since I’ll only be reading 2 of yours) that’s fine.


Accepted, will read yours once you complete the payment :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Your chapter was really good!




Title: Ethan, Espressos, and the End of Days
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary: Turns out, the apocalypse is anti-climactic. Zombies have flooded the Earth since 2024, a.k.a, year zero. The recently deceased rose from their graves en masse to begin their bloodthirsty new lives wandering aimlessly through coffee shops across the nation and feasting upon the emotional distress of overworked baristas. Aside from their irritability, incessant craving for caffeinated beverages, and the maggots crawling out of their eye sockets, the undead are virtually just like you and me. This strange phenomenon set the precedent for a new approach to global politics: how can the zombies be used, do they have rights, what does this mean for life or afterlife as we all know it, and most importantly, should baristas get higher paychecks? Who knows, but for Hope Turner, starving artist, jilted former romantic, and part time Starbucks employee, the end times just might be the second chance she so desperately needs.
Number of Chapters: I only have one so far, but I will read your chapters and I update regularly so if you like it and are interested, you could follow its progress xD.


Title: Evelyn Ross and the Prisoner of Azkeban
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/706371094-evelyn-ross-and-the-prisoner-of-azkeban-chapter-1

Genre: Harry Potter fanfic (no background knowledge required)

Description: Evelyn Ross is a 14-year old orphan who accidentally finds out she’s a witch. She attends Hogwarts in the same year as Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter, as she is set one year back to make up for her missed years. She befriends Tracey Davis, a Slytherin girl. Together they stand up to the likes of Pansy Parkinson and Millicent Bulstrode. During her first year at Hogwarts, Evelyn is determined to find out more about her past.

# of chapters: you can read 5 if you want, or two since I only have to read two of yours :slight_smile:


Title: The Kings Game
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: Noah was content. A normal life with a kinda normal friend. But then the world froze leaving only silence. In that empty silence it appeared, draped in black and presenting an invitation.

An invitation he should not have seen. Now Noah must learn to survive in a land not like his own. A place where the word impossible has no meaning. He must struggle to understand this new world and attempt to escape it. However will things be as simple as walking out? Or will his curiosity to see how deep the rabbit hole goes be the end of him?

Number of chapters you want me to read: 5 or until you want to stop.


Accepted, will read yours once you complete the payment :slight_smile:


Accepted, will read yours once you complete the payment.


Denied, I don’t think I’d have much to say about your story. I’m not really into witches and stuff, sorry.


Accepted, will read yours once you complete the payment :sunny:


Title: Saving Brian

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Summary: “How long does he have…?”
The doctor glanced up from the clipboard to the eager eyes of the widow and frowned.
“We can’t say for sure-”
“Tell me how long!”
There was silence. A child in the distance screamed and orders were shouted, but the doctor kept his lips pressed tight…
Then, with a nod to the child in the deathbed, said,
“Five weeks.”
Sabrina Harris was a single mom living with her only surviving child, Brian. Things were going well, with a minimum-wage job and a roof to live under, they could ask for nothing else.
But when Brian became diagnosed with cancer, things begin to fall out of place.
Tired of fighting the same disease that had taken her years from her son’s life, she begins to search for a doctor.
No matter the risks, she’s willing to find a cure to save her son.

Even if it means she will have to sacrifice everything for it.

Triggers: May contain foul languages.

Number of Chapters: 5 if you want to, or two since I’m only reading two of yours :smile: Whatever works best for you.


Read through and left some comments, hope they are helpful :slight_smile:


Accepted, will read yours once you complete the payment :sunny:

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Sounds good! Going to start right now! My apology for the wait xD my Engineering classes are ruthless so I wasn’t able to read or write (for entertainment purposes) :slightly_frowning_face:


Are you still doing this?


Title: The Third Son

Genre: Dark fantasy, romance


Approached by a young journalist and historian, Dr. Reverend Roslind McMillan decides to tell the story of the past two years:

Deep in the autumnal forests of Greystone Abbey–before he is ordained or working for the University–Roslind meets the separatist preacher Malory Monteparsse when he collapses, half-dead, on the abbey’s front steps.

Tasked with keeping Monteparsse alive, Roslind soon realizes that he isn’t the villain the Church would have him believe, but a man educated in philosophy, theology, and, most importantly, magic. As Roslind’s genuine concern for Monteparsse turns into something more, he stumbles into a fight for innocent lives, freedom, and justice that challenges the very core of his beliefs.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/123856580-the-third-son-edited

Number of chapters you want me to read: Five would be great, but it’s alright if you don’t have the time. (A lot of my chapters are split up for Wattpad, so the first five parts would be “The Journalist,” then 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, and 2.2.)