Horror dumb questions (feel free to answer or ask yours)

Can you see a vampire through a one-way mirror?

I would think yes, because the reason why vampires traditionally don’t have a reflection is because mirrors used to be backed with silver, which repels vampires. Modern mirrors (including one-way mirrors) are backed with aluminum, which would show the vampire.


Oh Ok, I understand!

What happens when a human bites a vampire?


Different media have their own takes on this, but here’s what would happen if you’re going for the traditional “Dracula” vampire: if the human draws and ingests blood from their biting the vampire, the human would become a part-vampire (they get all the drawbacks (no holy stuff, silver is bad, et cetera) and only the influence over humans who survive getting their blood drunk in terms of powers). The original vampire would be telepathically linked to the new vampire but not vice versa.

However, if the new vampire were to naturally die (because their lifespan is still technically human) before the original vampire, they would become a full vampire with all the vampire powers.

Hope this helps!


Interesting premise for a thread.

does the invisible man cast a shadow?

Probably not. If light is physically passing through him, then no shadow since a shadow requires something to block the light. If your invisible man works in the same way as the new “Quantum Stealth” material (which bends and then “reassembles” light minus the object or person), I think (and I’m not an expert on this) the reassembly would mean the light is behaving as if nothing is there, hence no shadow either.


Ooooh lol I didn’t think he would either I just wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way tbh.

Cool! This is a really interesting thread; I love discussing stuff like this. :grin:

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idk if its horror related but its a scary situation that I’ve seen sort of explored in a movie.
I dont remember the name but the mc was struck my lightning and started behaving differently like violent.

So that made me wonder… since humans sort of run on electricity (via the brain) then how is it we are still us after getting resuscitated with the electric paddles?

Good question!

The paddles of a defibrillator basically jumpstart the heart. Normally, your nervous system gives what are essentially little shocks to the heart to keep it pumping blood. With the usual placement of the paddles at the top and bottom of the heart, the shock travels from one pad to the other, simulating the nervous system signal for the heart to contract.

The electric shock of a defibrillator doesn’t go through the brain like if a person were hit with lightning, so it doesn’t have the chance to shake things up in there.


hmmmm :thinking:

Although, the other difference is that a normal lightning bolt is about five million times more energy than a defibrillator shock. If a defibrillator were accidently applied to someone’s head, the person would get burned and most likely experience other cognitive side effects.

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Hey, I know what I am going to ask is very dumb…but

Can a vampire survive in sunlight if he/she uses sunscreen?

Why can’t we see their reflection i mirrors? Is it somehow related to the silver that is used to make mirrors?

Of course, because SIlver is considered a pure metal, and vamps are usually considered sinful and impure.

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Depends on the vamp.
Some are only weakened by sunlight, some catch on fire, and others turn a bright red color.

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This isn’t a question, but remember:
Werewolves aren’t scary because they turn into wolves
Werewolves are scary because they turn into rabid wolves that destroy everything in their path.

They are mostly traditional vamps right? Nowadays, I see a lot of stories where they can go wherever they want and whenever they want. :smile: And most of them are kinda friendly too. I’ve read a story where they don’t even suck blood!

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Yep. It’s your story. Make it however you want it to be.

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