Horror Writers and Fans, Welcome!


I didn’t see a thread relating to horror writers/fans… so I thought I’d make one!

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As for breaking the ice, what is your favorite type of horror OR what is the last great horror film/book you’ve seen/read?

My favorite is cosmic horror and the last good film I watched was The Endless and Stranger Things (which has some cosmic horror)


I like slow-burn horror stories, the kind that don’t scare you with cheap jump scares or gore. I also sort of like the comics by Junji Ito.


I love Junji Ito! A lot of his work is Lovecraftian (Cosmic Horror). I actually haven’t read any of his work, have you?


I have not read a lot of horror apart from real life haunting books and the likes and some Stephen King.
I watch a lot more horror than I read but really do not like torture horror like Saw.
Vampires, hauntings, zombies and supernatural are my thing.
The last horror I watched was Winchester and that is based on true events. It was watchable.


I’m the same way. I’ve only really read Stephen King, Lovecraft, and Poe… otherwise I’m more into watching horror films that just aren’t jump scares and gore. Movies like Mama, Caroline, The Haunting of Hill House, and Stranger Things.

Does watchable mean good? I was curious if it was Alright.


It won’t go down as one of the greats but yes it was good enough.
I had watched the nun a few days before it and would say Winchester beat it hands down. ( I found the nun really dull )


When I was still interested in horror, psychological horror of the non-supernatural Gothic Romance variety.

Of course I liked anime like Vampire Hunter D. Which blends science fiction.


That’s cool!

Non-supernatural Gothic Romance? What kind of stories are those. Also I always thought about watching Vampire Hunter D., What is it about?


I’ll definitely give it a watch, thanks! I also need to watch the newest Insidious film.


What made you no longer interested?


The last key?
That wasn’t the best out of that series of films but again watchable.


Hi :smiley:
I believe there were a few threads around about dark themed stories, but none of them last for long.

So, my favorite type of horror is psychological horror.
And the last horror movie I watched and enjoyed, which also happened to be psychological of some sort, was Bird Box.


Thanks! I’ll definitely take a look!


Here is hoping I can keep it going!

Psychological Horror is a great genre, also I don’t believe I’ve seen Bird Box yet or Quiet Place yet. Have you seen The Haunting of Hill House?


A Quiet Place was unique. I liked it too.

Nope. I did’t see it yet.


I didn’t like A quiet place. Bit boring and a bit annoying at times.
I have not seen bird box yet but will give it a go soon I think :slight_smile:

I got really annoyed at the kids not doing as told in A quiet place and I ranted at the kids nor running from the zombies in world war z lol.


I wish i could write a horror story so to all those horror story writers i give you all the props you guys rock and you are very talented and i really enjoy your stories


Why don’t you believe you can write a horror story?

As for saying I’m talented… I don’t believe that. Writing, like any other art is a skill. I practiced a lot by reading and writing to get where I am now, and I believe with enough motivation, you can too! :smiley: Even better possibly!


It, just like Hereditary took a half supernatural have psychological (relating to mental illness and loss) approach. Really enjoyed it.

As for a Quiet Place, I’ll have to give it a watch!


I get annoyed at that too… well, depending on the age of the character. Granted, I’m also not familiar with their ages and personality haha.

I will give Bird Box a try too. It had an interesting premise.