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Lol. I end up shouting things like " oh just leave them there"
Certain things like lights off, wandering off alone and falling over in horror films also make me angry, not just kids just stood still looking at a gang of zombies running towards them whilst everone else has escaped then someone has to go back and grab said gormless child. Lol.


Right??? If you were fighting for your life, you’d be extra careful. Granted, some people are more oblivious to reality than others.


It’s hard to describe, it’s a bit like combining Van Helsing with Neuromancer.


Well I became less interesting in supernatural elements, and started preferring Dystopian elements, as a backstory to that highly supernatural setting. The supernatural interest only became increasingly subtle at times.

But I was a real fan of Vampires and Werewolves before Twilight movies.


Haha. I don’t know anyone who liked twilight. I watched all of them and the last one was the best sadly.


These days I like children’s horror, but adult science fiction. Sometimes they actually blend, and you end up with a “Wednesday Adams, giving into even less humanity than she already had” type scenario. But generally I prefer to keep them seperate.

Which kind of gives you an idea of how depressing Cyberpunk can be, especially the 80s and 90s variety.


Sounds interesting. I don’t know if I have come across anything like that at all.


I found Twilight to be an interesting series to read. The writer wasnt actually bad. The most intriguing thing the author did was making a hollow protagonist that young women and girls could project themselves onto.


Yeah, I read the Tomie series and The Enigma of Amigara Fault. I recommend it. He has a very unique artstyle. :slight_smile:


Didn’t read it to be honest. The films were poor though.


It looks good! I’ll definitely give them a read.


awww thank you, your so nice. but yeah you do have a point there there was one point in time i made an effort to write a horror story i was coming along pretty decent but then at some point i didn’t really know what else i wanted to write about so i deleted it.
plus you could never be more correct about the more practice, with more reading and writing as well. I think im gonna try again with the horror stories.


Go for it! I’ll give it a read and would love to beat read or review it!


My favorite type of horror is probably psychological because there won’t be any lame jump scares or dumb decisions being made.
As for the last great horror movie I watched or book I read, well it was actually a show called “You.”


I heard of “You.”

Was it any good? And right? I enjoy horror that doesnt need cheap jump scares.


Omg, yes it was so good! It was thrilling and filled with suspense and tension. Penn Badgley was fantastic and deserves an Emmy for his performance. He was probably the most complex stalker I’ve seen. :joy:


thank you i will be looking forward


I’m squeamish, I dislike stuff that’s made JUST to scare you, I want a deep psychological horror that makes you question everything and anything you know. The type that’s not trying too hard to be scary, but the implications, it’s just like, casually terrifying, and there’s a constant feeling of malaise. Like, stuff with really gross and vivid descriptions, but not just a blatant murder or a rampant killer, but a violent confrontation between two volatile and desperate individuals, stuff like that, idk
Also lots of stuff with hallucinations and reality. I love that


So psychological and cosmic?