Horror Writers and Fans, Welcome!


Psychological is always fun to read or write, I also like slow burns and mystery elements

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Same! I also enjoy it when questions aren’t answered directly… having to piece things together to get an answer is always fun to read and write!


Definitely my favorite! I write a lot of stories like that! :heart_eyes: I just love mystery elements in my work.

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My favourite type is the horror where they leave it to your imagination to imagine either what has happened or what will happen etc. I think the formula nowadays too easily serves everything up to you and is overly gory etc, also the need for a jump scare albeit fun is a cheap tactic.
The best horror I watched recently was Pet Cemetery, the original at least.


Hi all, I just started posting to wattpad, and I thought I’d introduce myself in the horror section here. My name’s Curtis and I’ve been a horror fan my whole life, from films, to comics, to novels and short stories. I’m also a published author with three novels and a short story collection under my belt.
I tend to gravitate toward weird fiction, cosmic horror (lovecraftian themes), hallucinatory stories, and myth-driven fiction. If anybody has any suggestions of stories on here with those kind of themes I’d be interested in checking them out!


[S-Ingrate], I totally agree with you! The best sort of horror is the psychological kind. I like Stephen King for often blending supernatural and realistic deeply disturbing subjects in his novels. What sort of books/authors do you like?

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I’m a psychological horror fan and writer too. It’s the best kind.


I like psychological and supernatural horror the best to consume, but my one published story was a gross out body horror short.

I have bunch of movies on my to-watch list, bug I’m probably most excited about Brightburn. (A horror take on what of superman was not good?)


Brightburn does look good.


Im making a book of a group of people trapped in the asylum. the biggest problem is that only one can live. i have like an intro chapter up and ill update it when i get home from school.

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The Conjuring?..A well done story. Didn’t focus on jump scares that dragged or made the story boring. Maybe it wasn’t “scary” as one would think…but I also feel most people these days have become desensitized to the horror genre. So things don’t “seem” as scary as it used to be. Which is why I think the focus in horror has become to be more about the story. Whether the monsters/ghosts story, or the protagonists. But that’s just my opinion about that:sunglasses:

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