Hot list on KDP?

Okay my book has just been on since yesterday but someone got ratings right after he put it up on KDP. How can it be for every individual that publishes on KDP?

Do you mean reviews or just ratings without reviews? If a book is just published and already has reviews/ratings then the author probably gave out ARCs - which most authors do for launches months/weeks before the book goes live.

If it already has ratings without reviews (which you are prompted to give at the end of a book on a kindle) then that suggests its a really good, engaging book that readers are tearing through.

Or do you mean that he’s looking at his dashboard, and he sees sales and a sales rank? If he sold enough and got enough page reads in the last 24 hours, he might see a rank. I haven’t seen a dashboard recently, so I’m not sure.

Or do you mean the “hot new releases” list on Amazon? Your post is unclear as to what you are referring to. If it’s the hot list (which is releases over a 30 day period) then those are sales/borrows driven. A new title gets on the hot list because it has sufficient sales/borrows to rank on those lists.

Do pre-sales count cumulatively on release day?

That guy you hate he had bad reviews and star ratings

Indeed. He irritated people on Wattpad so much that he had bad reviews as soon as he posted his book. That’s not someone to emulate. Note that he has a lot of books out now with pretty much no reviews and, I expect, almost no sales.

Lots of books DO get reviews and star ratings right out of the gate. The authors do pre-sales, and they give away free copies in exchange for honest reviews.

How? Can you explain?

Pre-sales are something you set up before the book is released. For example, the book is scheduled to come out on August 1. But there a pre-sales button that lets people buy it now. They won’t receive it until August 1, and on August 1, all the pre-sales count as first day sales (I THINK – someone can correct me if I’m wrong!).

I don’t know the technical aspects of giving away copies of the book for a review.

Oh okay. But since I self edited will I get ANY ratings? I’ve only found ones that charge $1,000+

Impossible to say. How are you going to market the book? How are you going to make readers aware it’s there?

There are 5000 books pubbed on Amazon every single DAY. You won’t get readers unless people know the book exists. Of those readers, only a fraction will rate the book or write a review.

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I have a google Blog like Michael does

Okay. Hopefully that will do it ifor you, and you get the reads/sales you want.

I’m just looking for comments so even if I get one star I can learn that I can be stronger and fight for higher and more better ratings at least one star

Okay, Amazon reviews are not like Wattpad comments. They’re not critiques. They’re reviews for other readers, NOT for the writer.

I look at ratings it’s my personal thing sorry :broken_heart:

That’s fine – but you’re hoping readers are going to use the review system to give you feedback. Amazon isn’t Wattpad. It’s not a place you post so you can get feedback to improve. You stepped onto a professional playing field. The readers are looking for professional work.

Yeah I’m pretty much going down under

I’m sorry.

No! It’s not your fault I made the bed now I must sleep in it

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