Hothouse Flower {free premade covers and icons}

Hello, my name is Bailey, and I am a little rusty with graphic design. I am also new to the new layout of the Wattpad community, so please bear with me as I adjust. With all of the disclaimers out of the way, here’s some guidelines for this thread:

  • please be polite and patient
  • use the provided form
  • do not spam, and only request one graphic at a time
  • feel free to leave critique on this thread as long as it’s respectful. Like I said, I’m rusty, and I would love some advice as to how to improve on my graphics.

bottom right icon is taken


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hey, i’d love to leave a request, but i’m not entirely sure what a “premade cover”/“premade title” is-- apologies!


  • Icon Pack: Josephine Skriver
  • Icon (i.e. top, middle):Bottom, third icon.

A premade cover is one I’ve already made, and I would just switch out the text. Right now, the only one available is Red with Fury, but I’m hoping to make at least a few more soon.

Sorry I don’t really take requests for custom graphics! They usually don’t turn out that well compared to things I make with my own vision.

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Here’s your icon!

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Thank you!

i see! thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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