How badly do you hate the thunder?


It’s thundering like bloody murder here and I am scared stupid. If I disappear out of the blue it’s because those stupid white boogers hit me :unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused:


OMG, what a funny way of describing thunder!


It really is . I can’t wait for the rain so that the thunders can go down a bit


I normally love thunder, but not if I’m outside. LOL


Thank you Katherine that was exactly the thing I needed to see when I am under my blanket right now :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: @KatherineArlene


I used to have a fear of thunder throughout elementary and middle school, and then… I don’t know, I just didn’t. Maybe because I knew it wouldn’t last forever, and that it’s a natural event that occurs…then again so are earthquakes and typhoons, so maybe not my best argument, lol

I actually love intense thunder storms now, I love how ominous it is with the wind and the rain haha. Or when the lightning is so bright it almost looks like day - it’s so cool to me. Although I’d prefer to be inside when it happens, lol, and it sucks if the storm messes with your TV or internet connection…


I remember once when we lived in our new apartment for a few days and we didn’t have curtains yet. My bed was right up against the window and it was a floor to wall window and our building is surrounded by huge lawns so there was nothing to obstruct the view and we were on the fifth floor. I woke up in the morning to thunder and looked at my window and the black clouds where so huge and thunder crackling and without curtains it looked like they were coming at me and we’re gonna swallow me whole. So terrifying :sweat::sweat:


I used to LOVE thunderstorms. But we got held up a few years ago and I was shattered. I was afraid of everything. I was never afraid of the dark, I am now. I was never afraid to go out at night, I am now. I was never afraid of thunderstorms but I’m terrified now :joy:

In my mind I’m always thinking that a thunderstorm is the perfect weather for someone to break into your house again, and no one can hear you scream or her the scuffle going on and gah. I can’t stand them.

Just to lighten the mood :joy:


You have no idea how good that image made me feel. It’s soooooo cute .
And I get what you are saying. Being stuck in a storm is awful. I live in a monsoon area which means rain and thunder ever single day.

Please don’t congratulate me, I know how lucky I am to be here :yum::yum:


I love thunder. I find it so exciting.

But that might be because I don’t have to worry about monsoons or anything dangerous accompanying it. And actually, if the river did flood, I was happy because the bridge went under, and i didnt have to go to work.


I love the thunder :slight_smile: There’s a strange sense of peace, of awe when I see it. It’s fascinating.


My perfect storm is lightning without thunder or rain, but I usually like thunder as well. It’s strangely calming. I guess I enjoy calamity and chaos when it’s nature’s calamity and chaos, rather than my own.


Just saw clouds approaching. Seems light and sound music gonna start tonight too :sleepy::sleepy:


Rain in general used to bother me, because I had a leak in the roof, LOL. I don’t mind a bit of thunder, if the lightning isn’t too close.

My three youngest kitties were born out in my back yard, under a pile of metal we were gathering to turn in for scrap. We heard them crying because they were hungry - apparently mama had disappeared. The night before we found them, we had a huge loud storm. All three are afraid of storms - especially my Hubby’s kitty, Misty. She hides under my desk and cries if she hears thunder.


Our lightening hits close to home. Like ground shaking and people dying. It’s pretty terrifying . The only thing that can get me out into the thunder is an animal asking for help. Especially kittens :sob::sob::sob::sob:


I actually LOVE thunder. Thunderstorms are freakin’ AWESOME.


@AliciaM21 please change places with me :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


As stupid as it sounds, thunderstorms really freak me out. I think I’m more afriad of thunderstorms than serial killers.


I LOVE RAIN!!! I can do without lightning and thunder though… there were a few times when the flashes were actually blinding and then a huge crack-and-a-boom of thunder followed- these happened around midnight and I was so frickin’ scared. :sob::sob::sob:


I like the lightning, but not thunder. Shocking.