How can I gain readers when I'm just new to writing??

SOOO I’ve been a reader here in Wattpad for so many years, and I decided to create my story. How can you attract people to read your book because I want to engage with the people regarding their criticism so that I can improve more in my writing.

Actually, I’ve written a book before but I stopped because I had a mental block and I can’t continue writing it anymore. Then, I opened my discontinues work and tried to fix it because I was in HS when I written it and it’s so cringey. I also want more feedbacks and to gain different perspective from the readers if there is something that’s missing from the story.

Thank youu!!

Doing read for reads might help you a lot with that . Youll get reads and feedback that way.

furthermore just be active on the forum. that’ll help attract readers too.

And be patient, reads take time.

if you need help or guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out, you can always pm me on wp


I’m just going to copy and paste what I said to others who asked the same thing. Here it goes:

It depends on some factors:

  • first of all, know that gaining readers/followers will take time depending on what you post on here. Some people gain 100 followers/reads in their first month/week and sometimes people gain 100 in a year.
  • advertising on SYS threads (but don’t just rely on this)
  • sharing your story with people asking for recommendations in the forums. This helped me A LOT because I found a lot of people from the forums reading my most recent book and they enjoyed it which was super great. :slight_smile: Some people even said they were browsing through these forums, found interest in my book, and ended up reading it. :smiley:
  • using your book/characters in character/story games throughout the forums
  • Participating in feedback threads: Not only does this help improve your writing, but you can always find people who are interested in following you/reading more of your work.
  • Are your books in Wattpad’s favorite genre? Romance is Wattpad’s ultimate favorite and so is fanfiction. But yeah, Wattpad has predominantly Romance readers.
  • Is the story poorly written? Many readers leave once they notice repetitive grammar and spelling mistakes. I’m one of them tbh.
  • Book Clubs: This helps boost up your reads/followers and you can even make new loyal readers and friends
  • Contests: This also boosts up your readers/followers. I recently won first place in the romance category for a contest I joined and my reads and followers skyrocketed.
  • Also, try to respond to your comments. Readers love when we interact with them, so it makes them want to comment more.

Before I did all of this, I was lucky enough to have readers before I started Wattpad. I used to write fanfiction on Tumblr and my followers were kind enough to continue following me on here. So that helped me a lot to gain many reads during my first week.

Overall, be patient. Your readers will come eventually. Just be nice and put yourself out there. Make friends in the forums. Read other books and leave fun/nice comments. Update your story regularly (preferably on Thursdays or Fridays because the algorithms will become your best friend). And most of all, have fun! :slight_smile:

Also, I heard once you start getting like 500 reads a day, that means you’re in a certain percentage that makes it easier to find your book on Wattpad.


Here are a few thing you can do to gain readers:

  • In the #share-your-story section of the forum, there are thread to promote your story. Every week they will be refreshed. So put your book in the share your story thread of the genre of your book, once every week (after it refreshes)
  • You can also join a book club. It depends on the rules of the club, but most book club put the members in pairs every week and you will have to read several chapters of your team mate and comment on it.
  • When your book is completed, you can joining competitions.
  • In the #share-your-story:story-requests section of the forum, people can asks for books to read. Request your book when it is what that person is looking for.
  • You can also react in a rate the cover, title of blurb tread. People who liked it, will maybe check out your book after seeing it there.
  • I also think reading books of other people and react on it, will make the change bigger that those people check out your book as well.
  • You can also do comment for comment, read for read and feedback for feedback with other people. There is a section on the forum for this as well.
  • Being active on the forum, having a good cover and using relevant tags also works.

But it takes time to gain readers. So you will have to be patient.

I hope this was helpful.
Aleg xxx :bluehearts:

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Honestly, start writing for yourself. People will follow you. I have been writing on Wattpad for over 5 years, and things have been a little crazy.

If you right fan-ficiton, and you choose the right time to publish (when the topic is hot.) you could wake up with 100K views, sometimes that’s all it is, is timing.

I just recently found the forums, I must say, it’s a great way to gain feedback and reads. Although my other stories were quite popular I have never had has much success as I do on my newest story. Reads came much later on for me, my story as already gained attraction because of the forums, highly recommend.

I hope this helps :heart: :heart:

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Hi! You should definitely check out this thread: Big Thread on How to get Reads :blush:


Have a consistent update schedule, be patient, involve yourself in the Wattpad community, and write what you want to write. Your love for the story will shine through the words.

Good luck and keep writing! :slight_smile:


I’m relatively new to this hahaha can you explain what what Book Clubs are? I mean what is this for? But thank you for the advice. I’ll try to follow what you said :smile:

oh wow thank you so much!! how do you join book club anyway, it’s the first time that I’ve heard there’s a club in wattpad cause I rarely visit wattpad forum. :smile:

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okay noted on this!! THANK YOUU!! I’ll listen to your advices. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Okay got it! THANK YOUU!!

Thank you for the advice!! I’ll keep that in mind :smile:

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I’ve never joined a book club, but I think you find them in the #story-services:book-clubs section of the forum or search for book club on the main site. In the thread or book they will explain what their club is about and how you can join.


okay thank you so much!!! :sparkling_heart:

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No problem!

There are many ways, like the users above stated, to gain readers and feedback from both the Wattpad main site and the forums. Below is a list for both of those platforms, and remember that guidelines come with each of those (well, except for the main site).

  • #share-your-story
    Once a week, you may post that one specific story in any SYS thread as long as your tag corresponds with it. I don’t think we’re going off genres anymore, so now it’s all tags based. Some users look for specific stories in #share-your-story:story-requests so as long as your story matches what they seek, you may post there as well.

  • #story-services:critiques-and-feedback
    Here, users may offer their critique and feedback services to you, and you may open a thread where you can offer feedback in exchange for feedback, but this must be clearly stated otherwise the thread may be closed.

  • #improve-your-writing
    Now, we do not advertise in #improve-your-writing buuuuut… should you feel something doesn’t work for a story or you have received feedback on certain parts, you can turn to this club for advice on how to correct it or move forward in the story.

  • #story-services:book-clubs
    This also applies to the Wattpad main site. If you don’t find your kind of book club here, just go to Wattpad, fix the filters for more recent posts, and search for book clubs that are accepting. I find my best feedback comes from a Book Club.

  • #mdc
    Again, we do not advertise here, but with some multimedia, like trailers or banners or story ads or covers, you might draw some attention to it. Books are judged by their covers when it comes to picky readers. If you have editing skills or can offer things even as simple as playlists and aesthetics, then you can ask for feedback as payment. You can also open a graphic shop on Wattpad.

  • Off Site
    Off both Wattpad and the forums, you can use Instagram or Twitter to promote your story in various ways. A simple tweet. A character board. A simple quote from the story. Using hashtags, you may draw attention from the writing community or other Wattpad users who also use social media.

The DO-NOTs of Wattpad

  • DO NOT PM random users and ask for them to read your story. This may result in your account being reported as spam, and muted by various people.

  • DO NOT advertise on paid stories or any story. Advertising on someone else’s story is considered both spam and rude. The same applies to their message board.

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Hai! You can join book clubs from the forums or from the site itself. Just search ‘Book clubs’ and you’ll get plenty! :slight_smile:

Awesome. Thanks for thorough explanation