how can i make a cover for kdp?

I’m done with the book but the cover and converting is something I need help with. :frowning:

It depends.

Are you going for super, super simple?

Or do you want a giant merging of images?

Super Simple Example:

Little More Complex (My working cover at the moment…)

That one above is just one I am mocking up right now, trying to get a feel for what I want. I had to digitally draw the background, find the right stock images for the people, create my own font…etc. It’s still a huge WIP :sweat_smile::rofl: I have average graphic skills, and it’s still a chore figuring this out. I used Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Krita.

If you want anything that isn’t just an image with a title over it, you’re better off paying for a graphic designer. I mostly want to make my own because I can be very picky. If, by the time I want to publish and I am not quite pleased with what I made, I might go shopping around for one. I also like the idea of being able to have total creative control over graphics, so for me, it’s worth figuring out the old fashioned way.

But not everyone has the time or tools for that.

That being said, if you are fine with finding a great image and using a standard font, you want to make sure you have the proper licensing. Canva is a nice place to make standard covers.

So I guess the questions are: What kind of cover do you want? What genre is it?

Well I have two books one is a short story and the other one is part 1 of a series pare 1 of a fantasy series is called The Blood Oath Part 1 The Descendant of a Promise the other one is If Love can Last Forever. The fantasy series is about an ongoing war and the protagonist is the key to ending the war but at a cost of more than just a name. The short story is about me and my Mom before she past away from cancer.

I’d say the short story could with a lovely image found on iStock or Adobe Images, and then overlay with the title and your name. I would take your time in choosing one as well.

You can also play around in Canva with free images from Pexels or Pixabay until a tone looks good to you.

In the end, all that matters with those is that you read the licensing carefully. Most are fine to use for books.

For the fantasy book, you might want to seek out a cover designer for that. Fantasy books tend to look best when some creative control is given to them – splicing images, merging images, custom graphic design, unique fonts…

I am not sure which sites are best to find a graphic designer for. I also wonder if Instagram has graphic designers on there that post their work?

Like the cover I was thinking a scroll with the title and my name in red script.

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I think searching around on some Stock image sites would help you find the right image.

Like I just found this real quick on Adobe

You can buy that image, then upload it in Canva, and put a title and name over the image.

If you have no budget for this, then again there is Pexels and Pixabay, and sometimes Free Images which I use for free images. I am pretty confident they are free to use for bookcovers. (You’d want to check that licensing on their page)

However, their inventory is limited (although some STUNNING pieces on there) so you might have to change what you use for the cover

I know the covers I want to use but formatting it is the issue.

what about unsplash?

do you self pub? if so where do you publish at?

That’s where using Canva comes in. (It helps you make covers by making it simple)

I don’t know about the actual dimensions of KDP, though. I am sure a quick google search could find it.

I have never tried that one before!

Not yet :slight_smile: Some YouTube channels that go over where to publish/etc are Alexxa Donne, Jenna Moreci, and iWriterly. Sometimes some of the advice should be taken with a grain of salt, but they tend to give really great places to look for more information.

I’m trying to self pub so I’ll look somewhere else lol.

I know someone that said its risky >.<

Oh, for those channels, they also cover self-publishing as well :slight_smile: There are quite a few videos on where to self-publish your books to, etc.

I’ve YouTubed a lot of videos on just “How to Self-Publish” and it yields pretty decent results

What is? Self-publishing?

using it for your book in indi pubbing.

Sorry, I don’t think I am following…what is “it”? Canva?

free pics

When you upload your manuscript to KU, it offers a cover creator. You could take your images and design the cover that way — and it will be formatted properly. It’s in the KDP dashboard.

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Oooh…like I said, that is where reading the licensing will come in handy. All those sites should have a section that goes over the legality of it.

I prefer to buy them, as there is a better chance for quality, and they are less likely to be used for other covers.