how can i make a cover for kdp?

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I never knew.

That’s what it looks like in the KDP dashboard. Clicking Cover Creator gives you various options for fonts and layout — so you could upload your own photo and play with it that way.

what about the book file?

There’s a way to upload a word file and format it. Look around the KDP site - they have lots of resources. Draft2Digital also formats for free.


im having an issue with uploading it on kdp.

i converted it but its giving me a hard time.

its saying that i cant upload my file directly to kdp but i have to on draft2digital :frowning:

You can upload a word document on Draft2Digital. In the next step, it gives you some limited editing choices. You can then download a mobi version of your book file which is the Amazon standard.

There are other free conversion programs like Caliber and KindleCreate. I tried both, and unless you have odd formatting, it usually turns out okay. Unfortunately, both of these programs aren’t editing software, so you need to play around with different versions and then upload and view it in the Kindle previewer to see how it turns out. Formatting can be very time consuming and can be tricky for your first book.

Scrivener also offers a 30 days free trial. That’s what I used for my first book before buying the full version.

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Google “Kindle Create.” That allows you to format your book interior.

I got it done on draft2digital but I forgot to add Amazon :frowning:

That’s okay, I think you can go back and add?

I tried, but I’m not able to :frowning:.