How can we get *more* people in Improve Your Writing or giving feedback on the site?



Invite your writer friends :slight_smile: I’ll read every story posted…


I can try sending a message to my followers about this place!


I did a shout out to my followers. They dont seem to ever see the shout out these days but hopefully at least one or two come through. Maybe do a Twitter shout out too?


You both are awesome thank you!!! cc @Lumi


I could make a post in the cafe forum, though I’m not sure if you want that group here yet.


Since it’s only IYW focused right now, they might get annoyed by it, yes/no? What do you think?


Technically some already came. It was talked about in the accomplishments thread :smile: that’s how I saw it before I saw it pinned in IYW


BUT always great to get their feedback so maybe worth it??? IDK


@uncleL Someone posted it to my accomplishments thread in the cafe, so I saw it through the cafe, same as @Prisim.

I can make a thread about it in the cafe and see if anyone will bite, and just make note that this is in an extreme beta phase right now and restricted to IYW threads for now.


That someone would be me. :joy:


I made a thread in the cafe about it, and said that threads are only restricted to IYW at the moment.


Posted about it on my profile and notified my followers :slight_smile:


I posted it on my Twitter and my profile, so hopefully we’ll get more people in here! :slight_smile:


You all rock!!!


I will post it on my wall over at Wattpad :slight_smile:


Thank you!!!


Wait, is there a way to invite users?


I can’t find the button by the way. Maybe I’m dumb and didn’t see it?



I can’t see the invite button on my end.


@UncleL I don’t have that button apparently :confused: Just Flag and Reply, no in between.