How come with Story Pitches...

They have the thing where its “X story meets X story” or “For fans of X book/series or X author” when the book or writer isn’t like that story or author at all? I’ve been wondering this for a while, seeing how its on a lot of stories nowadays.

Is it to hook in the audience that love said author and want to find a book that’s similar to the author’s works? Is it to hook in the fans that love said book or series and want to read something like it?

I SHOULD be like that – but there are lots of different aspects it could be like. It could have similar themes. It could have similar characters. It could have similar plots. It could have similar tone. It could have similar voice.

But, yeah, the point is to find fans.

They usually call these comparative titles (often referred to as comp titles). Usually there’s some small element that makes them similar. It’s used a lot for marketing.

Like on Edeweiss (an industry website), there’s an entire tab for comp titles when you’re looking at a book.


Comping also helps you with advertising. if you know what type of book yours resembles, you know which readers of which authors to target.

Well, the books SHOULD be like the two items it is compared to. Especially if you are doing it (like when writing a query). If it is written for marketing reasons, then whomever writes it might just be trying to hit what is hot.

At the end of the day people do that as a quick way to convey to the audience what the book is like. That audience might be an agent, a publisher, or the readers.