How did you come up with your pen name?

I find pen names really interesting!! I got mine by combining my first name with my boyfriend’s last name. Would you rather have a realistic pen name or a more stylized one? Do you use one for a reason or just because you like them?

I did mine as an omage to my ideal.

Shinomiya: Viole (Shinomiya) Mai. Like the Iya look, too.

Ray: Clackey Ray

D.: Bashin Dan- Dan->Danielle->D.


Mine is really simple… I like names that begin with A, and my star sign is Aries :relaxed:

“Karan Seraph” is a pen name.

“Karan” is my given name. I’ve learned through life that it can have different meaning and gender association depending on one’s language or culture. I don’t think my parents considered this, since the story they tell is it was the name of an athlete in the Olympics the year I was born and they just liked it. But, I think it works as part of my pen name because “karan” or the alternative “karen” can have these different connotations such that one can be from a different part of the world and still think it sounds like something familiar, even if the meaning changes.

“Seraph” is of course the word for a specific order of angel (like fierce things with many wings and appearance of burnished metal or fire who may possibly be serpent-like.) I knew this when I used it (then without the “karan” portion) for my online handles back in early internet days. Because I did that, some people I knew IRL called me Seraph because we had originally met online.

I then combined the two to make “Seraph” function as a kind of surname.

I think, together, “Karan Seraph” is a good name for me, considering I write about angels and gods of dream and generally Dark Fantasy based on Myth and fringe theories.


A Writer Frasier = A. W. Frasier (and then some people started calling me Fray and now that’s my nickname for my pen name…)

Frasier was a nod to the tv series of the same name.

Because I’m very creative :joy:


I was originally Davriel based on an old kingdom I came up with almost a decade ago. Then, too many people thought I was a guy. So I changed it to Davrielle so people would see that I was indeed female.


Is the “ie” pronounced together as a vowel sound or separately like “ee-el”?

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Like “ee-el” it can be pronounced however you want to, though


What really?! I’ve always thought it was Dav-ri-elle! I am shook now.

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It’s mainly my initials. :grin:

I’m more of a realistic person, so having it close to the real deal is best. And I use it for a reason. Originally, I would’ve just used my real name (Alicia Meyers) but there are a couple issues.

  • People mispronounce my first name wrong.

  • It seems a little too plain.

  • It’s not catchy.

  • My name is popular and people mistake it for someone else.

My main reasons are between the first and last one; I don’t want people to think my first name is pronounced as “uh-lee-see-uh” (it’s: “uh-lee-sh-uh”) and I’ve already had people think I was someone else. I have a Facebook page and I’ve been getting messages and tags from people that think I’m Alicia Meyer or A. Meyers/Meyer; people have thought I’m a published author or a singer. Which I’m neither of these. xD I’ve also seen thousands of people (on Facebook) with the same first, middle, and last name… so… I wanted it to be a little different.

So I ended up doing my initials: A. M. Meyers. :wink:

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My friends used to and still do call me Daisy does nothing because of my procrastinator ways. When I had to leave my dance studio about a year ago, they all chipped in to get me a personalised key ring that has DaisyDoesNothing engraved on it. From then on, all my usernames have been DaisyDoesNothing and that key ring will forever remain on my keys :sweat_smile:

(Daisy is my given name/ birth name)


My handle since 2012 has been ZonderZorg, which means Carefree in Dutch. It’s the name of my 1908 Friesian skûtsje which is my home and writing studio as I explore the European inland waterways.


Austin is the name I chose for myself when I rejected my given name (which started with A, and since I’ve always been A I wanted something to keep that going). At the time, I’d only picked it because I thought it was pleasant/liked the way it sounded, although friends have pointed out other coincidental, personal connections that I hadn’t even considered when I took it on.

Page is my legal middle name, which I decided to use as my last name. It’s funny to have as a writer for obvious reasons (and was fun to joke about with my high school English teachers), but it actually refers to a medieval page, someone who’s an attendant to a knight or nobleman and in training to one day become a knight himself, potentially. When I was a little kid, I always liked the idea of being a knight, haha…

Anyway, I liked the way “Austin Page” sounded so I’ve started to go by it. And although it began as a pen-name, for a number of reasons I’m looking into making it my legal name.


“Page” for a writer is a good name.

I’ve thought a surname like “Plume” could work, when I considered alternate pen names. Sometimes I just want another pen name, to write something as a joke, or to assign to a fictional character who is also a writer.


haha, now I’m imagining a writer character whose name is like “Norm D. Plume” or something
reminds me of a friend who went by “Sue D. Nym” for a while :v


Sue D. Nym is a great one. I had been thinking of something like Nanci D. Plume for a fictional author going by N.D. Plume.

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that could work. I was having a hard time thinking of names that sound like the word “nom” in general–“Norm” was the only one I could come up with :v but I guess it doesn’t have to sound like “nom” to still be part of the joke

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Mine is from three famous people that are part of my home decor.

Marilyn (Marilyn Monroe). I’ve always admired her free spirit and vulnerability.
A. (Albert Einstein). Maybe not he most noble character in history, but his intellectual mind was fascinating. I’ve spent many hours trying to understand his scientific theories.
Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn). As classy as they come and focused on helping others. The type who’d walk away from a career in her prime to pursue more important things than fame (like raising a family and supporting charities).

I’d like to say my pen name reflects my writing: a bit of fun and free spirit + a dash of food4thought + a touch of making other people’s lives richer. But the truth is, it probably just came to me as I sat in my condo looking around the room–desperately trying to think of a name that wasn’t already taken. hahaha.

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I use a similar approach.

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Well I googled ‘fancy words’ and picked two :rofl: Fetching, which means beautiful, and Penumbra which is one of the multiple shadows that appear due to multiple sources of light. Which lead to the nickname Penny that I don’t really like but eh, I let my friends use it. I’ve had this penname for so long that I consider it mine. I’m a pessimistic introvert (shadow) but I didn’t want a super edgy username (so, beautiful) thinking it could also motivate me to think higher of myself.