How did you draw in readers?


So yesterday I posted the eighth chapter of my WP story. I noticed I haven’t gotten any new readers lately. My question is, how did you draw in readers at the earlier stages of your story? I know people mostly like to read a book in one go, I count myself as one of them, or longer stories in general. But how did you build a strong readership with people who actually like the way you write and love the way your story unfolds?


I would like this answered too :thinking:


I honestly have no clue; this is something I’ve yet to figure out. Most people say that being active on Wattpad, being polite+grateful+kind to your readers and marketing on social media drives readership upwards.


For me being active on threads helped me a bit but I don’t think that is a strong readership XD

How are you going about when you are trying to gain readers?


I just pop on and talk to people. Hopefully, someone’s eventually going to be interested enough to read my story. My biggest advice is to post on the “share your first line” or “share your first paragraph” threads. That’s subtle advertising :smiley:


I’ve been doing that for a while before I started editing XD

I guess that’s how I earned my first readers


Yeah I have been doing that, sharing my covers, first line and first paragraph. Mostly the subtle adverstising threats ansd such


So you just stop by in people’s inbox and chat?


I’m not the one asked here but I wanted to add this XP

Talking around the threads that discuss writing help and if you make friends around here you never know who will come and read your work


Exactly what this guy said.


Ah thanks! I will keep that in mind


If I find someone posted a good first liner, or good first paragraph, or even a great book description, then I pop on and take a look. If I shoot them a vote or a follow or a PM or a comment, it’ll be because I genuinely appreciated it or I wanted to leave feedback I thought would be helpful. Most of the time, they also return the favor and if they liked your story, you have a follower.


It sounds really easy if you put it that way


Lol no it’s not. Sometimes, I can go forever without finding a good story to read. Many writers have trouble with making their writing flow or making their characters relatable/likeable or developing a plot that makes sense. I rarely find good stuff on here, but when you do, it’s a gem.


And in a way asking for help around helps you too in ways ^-^ I was strugglibg with few points and someone ended up reading part of my book and said what would help and what isn’t

Depending on how far in your book you are critiques (tho they could be by Google docs) help as you always want to improve your writing and keep it up to date

Make sure you don’t have multiple alot of books ongoing and some stopped you need to earn the trust that from your reader that you would actually continue reading

I’ve ready many good books which in the end it turned out to be stopped by the author and I don’t think I read more of that’s one work because of their reason and how late their last update was

Make sure to be active and show you are active ^^


Any recommendations? I have trouble finding a good read at the moment


I am currently writing my sixteenth chapter. Hoping to finish that one today or tomorrow


I was at my 37th before choosing to unpublish and start editing XD


Atropos and Rose of Fire

Atropos is a brand new story so be patient with the author. Rose of Fire is a great story (even though I don’t normally read books heavy on romantic tension, I love it)


And once you gain readers they can start recommending it to others too XD

Sorry felt like saying it lol