How did you draw in readers?


Remember that in the end this is a social media platform. That means the more active and engaged you are with the community the better your odds are at getting readers. This doesn’t only mean talking to them through the threads but by taking time to read yourself. Think of it like direct selling.

The more you insist-Read books, engage with community- the better chances you have finding what we call “The One” in the selling business or in this case. The one who will go “Hey this dude/girl is pretty cool let me check out their profile real quick… OOooooh I like the name of that book let me try it out. Ooooh I love this book.” Boom you have a dedicated reader.

Now in any numbers game you will always read more than people would read your book thats just how it always is at the beginning. But once you get a handful of followers and dedicated readers you will have them help you spread the word.

Don’t give up and push through it.

Edit: Never and I mean NEVER PM someone to read your book. I did it back in the old days of wattpad and it ruined my rep more than it helped. And no one likes to feel like they’re being sold something. Instead of trying to push your book on them try this selling tactic called finding a need. What do I mean by this?

Lets say you are in a thread with a bunch of people and all of a sudden one of your friends says “Im looking for such such to read” That is what we call a need. Since your friend has opened him/herself up to a type of book she wants to read you can go ahead and match her needs by telling her about your book. IF it matches her needs. You don’t want to tell her about a fantasy book if shes looking for romance etc etc.


Well I can’t say you are wrong


Also, if people ask you to check their story out, just know when you do they will do the same to you too. I discovered a bunch of books this way, the authors are so nice and give meaningful advice throughout the chapters as they go. I think it’s a really great way to connect with writers and discover good underrated books that deserve more attention than the one that was given to them.


Most of what building a fanbase boils down to is doing promotion.

You can see how to promote effectively here: The Big Thread On How To Get Reads

When people start to come after doing massive amounts of promotion; engage with them. Always reply to their comments, even if it’s just with an emoji. Then they won’t feel like they’re just throwing comments into a void.

And that’s pretty much all I did (before I got help from Wattpad by being featured)


I didn’t. I’m just here for the forums. :honeybee:


For my regulars who are there for every chapter of whatever I write, I got one from reading, commenting and voting on their story and the other is friends with #1’s who I potentially also read work from (but I think their name changed at some point and they’ve since taken their work down). Thoroughly appreciate them though because it keeps me going even if it’s only them visibly reading.

I used to have more folk who read mine and I read theirs, but a few have disappeared from wattpad or I need to get back to reading their stuff myself. They’ve been the best ones for me in terms of sticking around and rummaging through every story and chatting. Bookclubs are great, but a lot/most readers I’ve had from them disappear when it’s not running. AND with bookclubs you’re not necessarily getting people who are your targets, but I find if I read something I like/similar to my work outside of club prompting then if the writer pops over for a squizz they tend to be happy with my story too. Then we bond and skip off into the sunset together and it’s magical.

And sometimes it’s just a case of getting that sort of reader. The two I’ve got have stopped uploading their own stuff (AND I AM SAD ABOUT THAT) but they regularly read a lot on Wattpad just from looking at the newsfeed activity from them. Rather than people like me who are sporadic and easily distracted/wait for a buildup of chapters because I like to binge.

ALSO for me, style comes into it a lot for reading more than one thing by an author/following for the latest story drop. I’ll call out @leighheasley here as someone whose everything I want to read when I can because of that :I Doesn’t matter what genre, plot, characters. I trust things will be good and have that special voicy goodness that I can expect from all her stories. (I will read them all eventually)


For me, I was just lucky enough for my first book to be one of the hottest WattPad genres (werewolves). Unfortunately, even though I’ve tried to move on from that series, that’s still all people want to read :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m trying in the fantasy section. Have something related to werewolves planned but that will only be after I finish this one


Is there any evidence that the new SYS system works? Now that we can see how many people are clicking the links, it seems like even the popular ones only get 2-4 clicks. Or am I misunderstanding how that works?


I honestly don’t have the faintest clue what you are talking about


I’ve made some experiments, trying to see if the first post gets more than posting after some have already posted. Makes zero difference.

Then I tried making an ad with an actual book in it and that seemed to help. So nice ads that look like real book ads seem more popular - but I think the highest amount of clicks my link got was like 7 by the end of the week.

So I wouldn’t say they’re super effective, but not useless either.


I just start conversations with people, get to know them, read their fanfics if they have any and once I know they’re interested in what I write, I ask them to read it if they get the chance.
Tbh though I still don’t have that many reads. I usually feel shy starting conversations whether they be online or face to face


Gosh I’m super late to the party but thank you so much for the shoutout! O: OMG especially coming from you, your aesthetic is amazing. I’ve been super impressed with everything of yours I’ve read.


When you’re first starting out, having a big, easy-to-understand premise is everything.

My first Wattpad novel, ‘Kairos’ is about a time travel dating service. Notice that I can sum it up in just a few words. I don’t have to explain the world, its history, or the characters taking that journey for readers to be interested. It was something short that I could drop into conversation on the forums without further explanation and a lot of people would just come out of curiosity.

Once you get people in the first chapter, you need to make them stay by:

  1. Introducing likable characters. ‘Likable’ does not necessarily mean nice. Funny characters work just as well.
  2. Introducing an immediate problem. It doesn’t have to be the main plot of the novel. It can be a mundane complication – a car is broke down, it’s pop quiz time and they haven’t studied, it’s raining and they don’t have an umbrella, etc. A reader will want to see the problem resolved. This gives you a little time to develop the story.
  3. Drop a greater mystery and don’t resolve it. “We don’t talk about the thing that happened three years ago.” Leave a few clues through dialogue to give readers something to chew on, but DO NOT resolve for several more chapters. Readers will follow along hoping to solve the mystery themselves (our brains don’t enjoy unfinished things, like a mystery without a solution), and while they are picking up clues, you can further engage them by dropping more likable characters and more immediate problems, including the actual plot.

That’s basically it. That’s how I got people reading my first novel. I was a little social on the clubs, I joined one book club that died literally two weeks in. One contest, I think I got an honorable mention. I did like, ten read-for-reads over the course of four months, but only with people whose work I knew I’d legitimately enjoy.

The only other thing I’d suggest for drawing in readers early on in your story’s life is to update all the time. I updated Kairos 3-4 times a week, so it stayed fresh in reader’s minds. Also, cliffhangers. Stick cliffhangers on everything. And don’t be a jerk. Thank people, be nice, and kill your critics with kindness.


Being myself, and ignoring haters in threads like “What bug you in wattpad books” that just suck in animosity/negativity spongue.

It’s one of the reasons I initially became inactive, and almost dropped the platform.

I have no reasons to care about what some author I read, thinks constitutes a plot structure. I have my own plot structure I follow. And it may not necessarily the follow plot structure other people expect.


Not gonna lie, that’s not a very mature viewpoint. You do you, but no author ever improved by saying “screw criticism, why should I care what you think?”.


Putting words in my mouth is also royally immature.


Not putting words in anyone’s mouth. But like I said, you do do.


Uh no, your misrepresenting what I said, and that’s worse and borderline narcissistic.


K. You do you.