How did you draw in readers?


I also will not be lectured by an anti-romance snob either, keep your comments to yourself.


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Where are these “Share your paragraphs” Threads?
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Here’s one.




By making a story as wide ranging as it can be.


I don’t. My book has no readers lol.


What is it about?


LOL mine either.


I was recently given feedback that less is more. Apparently, because most people read using the app and fit it when they can, 1-1.5K is the most they want to see at a time.

I broke up 8K into eight pieces with an intro explaining what I did and my reads have gone up from 3 to 14.

(Note: I think I’m getting 1-read for each part they read–so bonus.)


A woman with telekinetic powers goes to retrieve some kids from her village that were sold into slavery.


Sound interesting, I think I’ll check it out


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I’ll answer the question about readers too. I track my reads week-over-week, and honestly, just being on the forums makes a massive difference. Definitely the biggest difference for newer books!


Don’t worry! I’ve been the same. Since the ads on the app are obnoxious and my connection on the laptop has been shaky, reading is very sporadic.

For brand new books I definitely agree on the forums for good exposure! Anything that gets people curious enough to get the first few reads rolling in


The key thing is to make elements and characters within the story somewhat relatable. This is because people are more likely to read a story without things that relate to them rather than just another story nobody understand so and no one can relate to. There are lots of ways to do this, such as the characters, things within the world you’re writing the story within, certain events in the story, relationships, and how society treats characters based on what they are. If no one minds, I’ll include some explaination of each, since I feel it needs more explaining.
Using your characters to make a story more relatable depends on numerous things. It could be anything from looks to personality diversity to even making certain characters have resemblances to people in your like for the most accuracy possible. For example, one of my characters has a bit of a childish personality, being that’s he’s easily excitable and that he enjoys messing around with his friends and doing crazy things. I know people like this, and I know that there would definately be some form of connection since people either would have a childish trait or know people with one.
Things in the World
This could be anywhere from something as simple as the foods they eat to things as complex as daily life elements similar to those in the real world, which includes things such as the daily routine when they wake up, work for adults and maybe chores for children, schooling, depending on how schooling works in this world, and so on. Something as simple as having someone sitting down to breakfast and talking with their parents could be relatable to younger people, while having someone complain about going to work all day and arguing with friends about who has to do more work if they’re in the same job office could be relatable to adults.
This doesn’t have to be an entire plot line within the story. It can be something as simple as having, yes, a plot line that would be something that occurs in the real world, or modeling one or two chapter events based on those that have occurred in the real world. No, I don’t mean just major ones, but maybe if something happened at work or in school that was unique but you know other events like that one would occur with other people, make something in the story based on it so people can relate!
This isn’t all romance, but this is one of the types that should be focused on. Making diversity in relationships between characters works to create an interesting draw-point in the lives of characters, and can impact the plot in a more relatable way. For instance, you don’t need to have a family modeled to be a perfectly happy family. My story contains one family with a single mom dealing with a fair amount of kids, which would be relatable to mothers or children of those families. It also contains a friendship which was very unlikely and yet the two concerned characters are best friends due to circumstances I plan on explaining. This was modeled, at least at the moment, after my own relationship with my best friend where the odds were in our favor but if they weren’t we would’ve met much later and may not be as good of friends as we are. Now, quick romance note, don’t just make it jump right into romance. Involve crushing, like there is in the real world. Have characters develop feelings that are secretive before they reveal themselves to the person they like! Once they’re in the romance, you can go any number of directions, since romantic relationships in the real world go many different ways, so you have more play room here.
This one is honestly much simpler. Model a story’s society after our very own. Don’t make it a perfect world. My story has diversity in people, a social heiarchy, people shunned for their family history, racism, and other things people in our world have to deal with in society. I feel this one is most important you can get numerous reactions out of it and you can connect with numerous people and spread messages through this method.
Overall, making a story relatable is key in order to draw in your readers, since the more relatable it is, the more people will connect with the story and feel intrigued with the concepts and the story overall, and can change the experiences for possibly the better if people feel that you either brought light to topics in society that they and you are against and demonstrate or just made someone’s day by sharing an event that happened isn’t heir life that they look back on and think it’s an odd occurrence. That’s my rant over! Hope it’s useful!


It really is! Thank you :blush:


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The only way I get the folks to read my story is read for reads, tbh. I advertise my books, of course, but for the most part, building ties with those whose work is also in progress is what works for me.

My fantasy is niche, in an unusual setting, no magic school, etc, so I overall know that I have to be very agile and persuasive to get anyone interested in it.


I suppose, where are you from?