How did you draw in readers?


“Good” ol USA


Then yes, timezones it is. I’m from the Netherlands myself


Out of curiosity, who was that someone? Did you get another? suspicious look


The simple, probably-not-very-helpful answer? I got my friends hyped about it.

I’ve been an established fanfic writer for a few years so obviously there’s a whole bunch of people who like my writing, and I’ve been trying to draw them in via various social media (especially Tumblr and sometimes Twitter). My struggle was that most people following my fanfics were Just Here For The Ships™ so attention was low, but a whole handful of my friends heard the words “fantasy” and “dragons” and were insta-hyped. (I’m only slightly joking.) I got them hyped even more with teasers and snippets and now they’ve been following since chapter one! It’s not a lot of people obviously, but it’s a beginning. So my advice would be… try different social media! Post links. Post teasers, covers, all that stuff, talk about your work. It won’t bring you a lot of votes or comments since not everyone on other social media has a Wattpad account. But it may well bring you readers!


The problem with “need” is that people don’t usually write: “Oh I’d love to read this and this…” It would be helpful, though, if they did it on their profile. And I know we have a section called story requests, but lets face it, there are about 20 requests and 20000 writers, eager to share their story.


Your story is similar to mine actually. In fact I had the merit of having a Canon/OC ship so people were already familiar enough with my original character to form an attachment to my work in that form. I had the same issue in that a lot of people weren’t really able to maintain enthusiasm once I stopped writing in the world and I’ve been having some trouble maintaining contact with a couple of people in order to keep the enthusiasm going. I might try inspiring interest in social media again but its difficult, there’s so much stuff, and unlike fandom there’s not a group of people out there actively looking for it.


See, I did the same thing, and while a few people filtered over from my respective fandoms to give my original work a try, most weren’t interested because it didn’t involved pre-established characters and ships. Which is super disheartening because you get so many promises while in fandom of “Oh my god, I’d read anything you write even if it’s just a regurgitation the phone book!” but when the chips are down no one really comes around to check out your new work.

Still, I’m happy I have at least a few interested people. And by a few I mean two XD


Oh boy, I feel you, I feel you from the depths of my soul… I guess the problem with starting out as a fandom writer is that you get pigeonholed into the fanfiction corner, and people follow you exclusively for that and have no interest in your original content. From my experience of one finished original story that no one ever read and the new, more successful one I’m currently writing, however, it does help to talk about the story A Lot. Constantly remind people of its existence, gather the interest of new followers who originally followed for the fandom stuff, all that trouble. My readers aren’t too many either, but compared to the last time, it’s totally an improvement!


I absolutely agree. Fanfiction is important on so many levels for both the development of an authors writing style and the exploration of “taboo” topics like oh, say, entirely LGBT casts or the exploration of ones sexuality through literature, and that is a hill I’ll die on, but it does have a tendency to, like you said, pigeonhole its writers. I’m literally just rambling here, but the caveat with fanfictions is that the readers are already emotionally invested in the characters enough that they’ve gone seeking greater fulfillment outside of canon. We supply that but at the risk of only ever gathering an audience there. When we strike out into publishing original works, people realize they have to take the time to become emotionally invested in completely new characters, and we humans are, by and large, lazy by nature. Why take the time to learn about something new when you can remain in a fandom ripe with stories that feed your needs? It’s the downside of fandoms (one of many, honestly)

Constant reminders are a must for self-marketing anyway, and it also applies for post-fandom writers. I’m admittedly terrible at marketing my own work, which is probably why I don’t have as many readers for my original pieces. It’s a learning process I’m slowly getting the hang of.


Yeah, I have no idea.

I’ve drawn in two dedicated readers who have actually read past the third chapter.

I don’t want to sound like a literature snob, but almost all the super popular books that I see advertised on the front page are werewolf sex, Stockholm syndrome romances, and bad boy/good girl romances. Whereas it seems like anyone with an original idea that doesn’t base their story around the same overdone tropes and/or fantasy creatures just get sidelined.

I mean, yeah, I get why those are popular. Twilight and Fifty Shades made millions of dollars for a reason, but I see a lot of good writing and original ideas that get completely ignored, and I’m not just moaning about my own shit. I just discovered one recently, A Badlands Fairytale by @WallaceStVincen. It isn’t super far along yet, but it’s a really original concept and really well-written, but hasn’t even cracked 100 views. Meanwhile I see just some really bad writing about rapey romances that have a shit ton of views. It’s a little disheartening.


Haha I can completely relate to this, sadly…


Anyone have tips for a brand new fantasy writer? :slight_smile: I just finished up a competition which could hopefully help with reads if I win lol, but does anyone have other suggestions for finding readers?


I would like to know this as well haha, fantasy is unfortunately a difficult genre to write and find readers for


Yeah :triumph: It’s so fun to write though!


It is! So what is yours about?


Appreciate the shoutout!


I’m new to fantasy too! I’m finding it slower to get readers than with my other books, but a lot has changed on wattpad since I posted those


I am just keeping in mind, that whenever I do hit 1k reads I can be damn proud of myself


It’s a wonderful feeling haha! The best!


Well it’s only just started, but it’s about this immortal boy who wants to destroy an entire family bloodline for some unknown reason and this girl Daya is constantly on the run and searching for allies to help keep her alive; I got too excited writing about my introductory side characters though, so it’s already 3 chapters in and I haven’t introduced the MC yet :joy: writing is weird like that