How did you find/create your cover?

For all my art-impaired homies out there, how did you come up with your cover? For the life of me, I cannot create a good cover, but I also don’t want to just gank one off the internet. So how did you guys come up with yours?

Well I if you can write you can create a cover. You are creative. Wattpad recommends that you use an app called desyner but I use an app called Canva at work and it helps to guide you in the right direction with templates that are free that help give you some creativity when you have none.

For my cover of my current story I used their recommended app but it wasn’t my first time using it. It was a matter of remembering how and figuring out how to tie in the cover with my premise.

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I make all of mine in Photoshop, where I digitally paint them. I usually do a whooole bunch of research into trends into the particular subgenre I’m writing, so it doesn’t scream High Fantasy and is an Urban Fantasy, for example.

If you can’t make your own covers, you can find designers here: #mdc

I’d also recommend strongly against nicking one off the internet as you could potentially get sued and art theft isn’t cool. Don’t be a creative that steals from other creatives.


A much desired skill :ok_hand:t4:

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@Snier34 I definitely suggest doing this and if you’re art impaired, possibly trading with an artist for a cover or even paying for the perfect stock image.

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For A Rider’s Fate, I found a wonderful designer on here who manipulated a few images. Unfortunately, she’s not very active anymore. For The White Rider, she made an original cover which is wonderful. I used Pixabay and Canva (or whatever it’s called) on Wings of Fire.

Found a cover maker who isnt fond of using models, especially in the traditional “model takes up most of the space” sort of way. Instead convey specific important symbols and colors pertinent to the book. Ex: one cover of TOOD was an envelope on a dark background. Another featured a small worldbuilding detail I had shared with an artist. She made a second cover based on the setting I have for most of the book and tbh, pretty proud of that one.

I’m more for object or text-based covers, anyway. MD’s cover is just a cat on a window sill, really. Lilium is red text and smoke.

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I get my photos from Unsplash (those are free for private and commercial use) and then I play around using different apps: Snapseed for basic editing, sometimes PicsArt or Pixlr for the fine tuning and then Phonto for adding the text. As I don’t have Photoshop, I make all my covers on my phone, and I’m quite happy with them.
As a matter of fact, I have found out that I love playing around with covers and I have way too many for the few stories I’ve uploaded on Wattpad :wink:

Just study the covers of other books that are similar to yours, colours, fonts, placing of the text. Your cover doesn’t need to be fancy, as a matter of fact, sometimes simplistic covers are more eye catching than those that have too many distracting elements. The important thing is to convey the mood of your story and a title that’s easily legible.

Canva, baby. And as @floranocturna said, Unsplash is invaluable!

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Are you going to tell us who they are? I wanna see their work.

I find images from stock photography and edit them to create my covers either on my laptop in photoshop, or on my phone using the picsart app. Canva is also a decent app for cover design if you prefer having a template to work from. I use pinterest to collect book cover designs as inspiration. I often make several covers for each book before deciding on the best one.

Frozen Flame:
I spent forever finding 2 pictures I liked, and then I merged them. I then used Canva to create a cover. :blush:

I just built the cover for Daughters of Fate in PaintShop Pro. But it’s pretty basic. Didn’t need to be anything super fancy in my opinion.

I did the same for Tales of the Inglorious Brotherhood. Although that one is a little more complex and took a little bit more work.

I use Canva, usually I already have the idea in mind because I am used to doing arts. Then when I can’t find the image I want, I freaking improvise from there. Usually checking the old pictures I have and see what I can do with it.

Canva is great. They have a boatload of free templates, and they have free stock images too. Or if you find one from pixabay you can upload it to use.

I use canva for most of my media stuff, although I did a composite in photoshop for my most recent cover, I still used canva for the text on it.

I illustrate my covers on Procreate, so there’s that, which makes the process much more intimate :joy:

But I do use Over and Canva for text, Over has nicer effects but Canva has many more fonts and options.

Since I’m currently writing a series, I try to think about what binds my series together, and what’s the most unique part of it, which are the settings! Make sure your cover represents the most unique/prominent part of your story, depending on what genre you write, and speaking of genres, study your competition/family.

You need to find a way to stand out and also fit in!

Choose a colour scheme that fits your story in terms of atmosphere, mood, and genre. Do the same with text(font, colour, size and placement). And as not everyone is able to design, illustrate, or make their covers, hire a good graphic artist.

Honestly, just look up some examples, roam your libraries for a moment and see what catches your eyes.

Here’s a thread full of similar info:

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All of my covers except two have been created by close friends :grin:

The two that aren’t by friends have been commissioned from cover artists based on Wattpad that I found through word of mouth.

I usually start with stock imagery from Canva, Deviant Art, and sometimes a good 'ol Google search and finish it in Canva myself if it’s a simple cover or commission a photoshopper if it’s a bit more complex.

My current project’s book cover I actually just straight up drew myself in SAI, and used a free font generator to add the text afterwards.

Other projects, though, I’ve gotten solid results by finding a completely free to use stock image (pretty easy to find websites for this with a pretty large collection of images to make use of), running it through a bit of image editing (shifting hues and tones around, editing contrast, maybe adding some little effects to spice it up like a texture overlay or little sparkly things), and again throwing text on afterwards. You won’t get anything amazingly complex, but you can get a solid, fairly professional looking cover without much need for skill.