How did you find the Wattpad app? Why do you use it?


I used to just use the iBooks app for reading ebooks but once when I searched the term free books on the App Store I found Wattpad. Have been using it since for reading and also writing for fun.


My niece, who was around 16 at the time, told me about it.


That’s cool. I wish I knew of Wattpad before… I found it way too late sadly


That’s cool! :blush:

I was originally posting my stories on Facebook, through an author page I made and I’d post them through the notes. Then one day, someone messaged me saying that I could use Wattpad to post stories and I checked it out. And I continued to stay. :blush:

I use it now to help improve my writing and to read stories and stay in contact with other readers and writers. I’m also using it to build my own little audience. :wink:

I don’t think I could ever deactivate my account now. I’ve been on the website for nearly six years and I recently just got 1,400 followers and my writing is becoming a little more popular (not really, but little is a keyword there lol). :wink:


You did a great job of being active too. I remember when I had just started writing I remember your advert for critique classified. You offered to critique. I didn’t apply but was interested in your post…


I have no idea how but I randomly came across the app in 2012, made an account, read a few things, and then stopped using it for a few years. I came back to it in 2015 and then started using it for real. I felt like my original join date didn’t fit me well, so I deleted that account and made a new one in 2016.

Now that I’m nearing 1k followers, I don’t think I’ll be deleting anytime soon.


Wow. What a journey. Sorry to hear you deleted your account … do you regret it? Like do you miss the books in your reading list back in the day?


I don’t regret it at all. My second account has been way more successful than the first.

Oh, and I didn’t use reading lists on my first account, so no loss there.


What about library? I do miss the books in my library … I didn’t delete account but had some good books I miss so much. Some were deleted by authors and some was managed to be removed for various reasons like space on my phone I think. Sad…


Not really. I think I cleared out my old library before deleting that account.


I found it back in 2013 from fan fiction.

I personally use Wattpad mostly for writing and networking.

#12 Or you were searching fanfiction and found the app?


I don’t use the app so this is strictly coming from the web version but I use it because it gives me a place to share my work. Like I don’t have the highest confidence in my writing, I really don’t, but sharing on Wattpad does give me a bit of a confidence boost. To see even just one person reading my work makes me smile. It was because of my regular readers I even started considering maybe taking my writing seriously.

Right now my lack of confidence could be the reason I never actually publish, but the fact I even considered it is a testament to Wattpad and what it’s done for me.

As for how I discovered it. I was on fiction press when people were jumping ship because of rampant plagiarism. Wattpad was one of the sites people were leaving for. I came and found my story was stolen and posted here. But I liked how Wattpad handled getting it removed so I stuck around.

The rest is history.


I am sorry to hear you are a victim of plagarism. Thats an awful feeling to see our hard work being used by random strangers. Glad its resolved for you. At times I use the site too. How did you come across the web version of wattpad? was it by accident?


No accident. People on fiction press were leaving there for here so I just followed the herd.

I found my work because I always search for my stories when I hear of new writing sites. It’s a paranoia thing lol imagine my shock when I actually found it.


I found Wattpad while I was looking for a place to publish my first FanFic (still published on my old Wattpad account) and after looking at several Wattpad stood out as the best one that seemed (at the time) to offer cleaner stories. (I learned better later) and a wider range of stories, plus it seemed to have a greater reader community.


Thanks for sharing… Many people are talented fan fiction writers here… Its one of my dreams to write a fan fiction. I started one but managed to write hardly 2 chapters or so before I gave up…


writing a book for my daughter, thought I should probably learn how to write :slight_smile:


Nice :+1:


I found it though the website actually- I don’t use the mobile app unless I’m reading it