What genre/genres do you write, and what attracted you to them?

I write mostly romance. I got into writing romance because that’s what I tend to read, and I thought it was something I could do well. I haven’t experimented with writing other genres, other than a couple short stories. After my current series is finished, I’d like to possibly get into something different. Interested to see what others write and why.


I got into werewolf from reading some stories about shifters and werewolves. I read it, and decided I wanted to try my hand at it. I also made some amazing friends in that genre. I also tried fantasy, and I want to try some others.

Okay anyways, I guess it’s mainly, I write what I like to read, lol.


Same. I’m wondering if it’s that way for most writers.


I would assume so. It makes sense, if you like to read something the chances are you are–if your a writer–going to want to write in that genre. Of course there are some genres we read and would never write (like I something will read romance, but I don’t think I’d ever write in it as a main genre), but generally it seems we tend to write in genres we enjoy ourselves.


I got into writing Supernatural/Fantasy, Romance/Erotica, et cetera, because that’s what I tend to enjoy reading the most, so…


I just write whatever interests me at the moment. Granted it’s all fanfiction, but the genres of of the fanfiction range from sci-fi, fantasy, vampire/werewolf, supernatural, and pretty much everything else. Though romance is a rare thing for me to write. So I guess I got into fanfiction because I was always coming up with ‘what ifs’ for characters and decided to start writing them down.


i got into writing anime because i love anime and i wanted to make a shounen for like already 2 years then wattpad came along and tada. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Believe it or not, most of my stories came from writing prompts for contests and what not. I’m currently writing a werewolf series. I got tired of the tropes and wanted something fresh, so I wrote it… after a contest prompt :joy:


I write Dark Fantasy (with other subgenres like Historical Fantasy or Urban)

I got into that genre because when I was a teen I was all sorts of edgy and goth and got really into dark themes. (Especially vampires in the early 00’s) The darker the better - also while loving Fantasy. So it kind of just came organically.

Now I’m a little less edgy, a little less goth, but still obsessed with dark themes, mythology and occult stuff. So yah, it’s been a life-long obsession :joy:


I got into Literary type fiction when I was helping my mother edit and publish her short stories. We got like 4 of them published before she passed on (at 89 years old) We had so much fun, and there were so many that I’ve kept on editing and publishing.

This year I posted her story ‘Luck of the Draw’ here and it got on the Wattys Short list, so I’m sticking around to promote it and a few other stories of hers and a couple of mine.

I write Romantic Suspense, because I enjoy getting into complicated plots. I like writing my Horsewomen of the Zombie Apocalypse series because its fun to write about horses and ‘GRRRLLL Power’ in a genre where most women are just helpless zombie bait.


I’m drawn mostly to romance, too, because as a reader it’s the genre it’s what I read to immerse myself in something purely enjoyable and fun. It has a lightness to it that is really refreshing. I also think it’s an interesting genre because it deals with such huge emotions - lust, love, desire, etc. - and it can be challenging in a fun way to try to write romance with nuance that isn’t just over the top all the time.


I write teen fiction romance. All of my first stories were always science fiction, but I figured out really quickly that the reason I never finished those stories was that I wasn’t smart enough to orchestrate large plots or do too much world building. Then one day, I started writing teen fiction, and it just wrote itself. I’ve been doing that ever since.

I kind of miss science fiction (well, what I wrote was more cyberpunk) sometimes, but I get a lot of joy out of writing about high schools. :\ I guess it’s because I am a high school student, and it’s more fun for me to write what I know.


I was born and raised on fantasy novels. As a child, my mother used to work in a library and I often spend some time there, reading the chronicles of Narnia or Redwall or some Belgian fantasy writers. Later, she introduced me to the wondeful world of Tolkien and Robin Hobb. Now we exchange our favourite fantasy authors. I introduced her to A Song of Ice and Fire, she’s letting me borrow her Outlander books. It’s because of her that I wrote my own story, and she’s still one of my most hardcore fans (and my biggest critic)


ive been thinking of reading the outlander books. Let me know what you think of them. I figured with such a big fan base they must be good but that’s not always the case.


I guess I need to experiment some more. Not that I don’t like writing romance… Id just like to switch it up and explore what im good at


yes i agree. The plot in my series is really challenging me, trying to piece it all together, have it still flow well, and be intriguing.


I guess technically a lot of stories on here are romantic suspense, but if you search the tag, not much comes up. I like romantic suspense because everything has such high stakes in it. love, life and death, suffering, joy, sacrifice


sounds like a very intriguing mix


I know - but really good ones are very hard to find. I’m talking about the Nora Roberts kind that are more Suspense than Romance. Nora has written some really twisted plots.

I guess that why she’s La Nora.

Romantic Suspense stories are a darn PITA to write, at least the way I do them. My first one wasn’t all that good, but it really took off after I published it.

My second one was better written and never did as well.

The one I’m working on now - well - I’ll never do another one after this one is finished. Too frustrating.


It’s almost hard for me to say how I got into my preferred genre, looking back on it I was always a nerdy kid. My 6th birthday party was Star Wars themed, Star Wars episode 1: The Phantom Menace is the first film I remember seeing in theaters. Pokemon, Digimon and Metabots were my favourite shows growing up, I think I’ve just always been a geek and when I finally picked up the pen and got into writing naturally the only thing that came out was Sci-Fi. I think Science Fiction is just some inherent part of me :stuck_out_tongue: and I wouldn’t have it any other way.