How did you get your book covers?



Yeah, go for it!

I personally make my own


Either I’ll make it myself or through a Fiverr comission. Alternatively I’d go through a Wattpad user I suppose.


Of my posted and one soon to be posted stories, three were made by users in the MDC and I made the other two myself.


I make my own with too many different apps


Most of mine are from a friend who’s a great cover artist, and the others are commissioned from Wattpad designers.


Designed mine myself since I have a very specific taste but I’ve been having trouble with file blurriness =/ Can’t seem to get it to upload clearly.


I’ve been using Adobe Sparks.


I make my covers myself for Wattpad and a professional graphic designer has made all the covers of my published books outside of Wattpad.

I asked someone to make a cover for one of my books once here and, although I really liked the cover the person made, I had to change it because I noticed that the book with the said cover was the less read of my works here, so I made another one a week ago and I notice some improvement.

I don’t say that it’s what every writer should do, but I think that if a writer has time and enough skills to make their own covers not to ask for someone else’s help, especially when the other person hasn’t read the book. The cover of a book is as much important as its content and it’s infinitely easier to make than to write the book, so better to do it personally.

Well, this is just my opinion and experience :thinking:


I make mine because outside a professional designer, I’m rarely satisfied with what someone creates for me. So to save being a picky ungrateful witch, I just do it myself even if it’s mediocre and i change it three more times lol.