How do I change my user profile link on here?



Currently, the Wattpad profile it has linked to my account is wrong because the site randomly assigned it based on my user on here and didn’t ask for verification and I’m not sure how to change it. Anyone know how to change it without changing my user on here?


Go to your settings then go to your profile settings; at the bottom make sure your wattpad username is right- That’s what it uses for the link


I tried that but it didn’t update the link, it just put my user separate from the link.




Thank you


Yup! Everyone with their non-wattpad name has this issue for now :frowning: I was trying it as a lark to show how we could potentially make WP link prominent when I was worried we wouldn’t be able to have WP login but we are going to have WP login so I should just get rid of it now :slight_smile: