How do I communicate with tags *how much* Romance is in a work?

Hi. I don’t often write Romance: the Genre, but I do write other genres with some romantic elements or subplots.

I was discussing with other writers and Wattpadders how we don’t want to tag in bad faith to mislead, but sometimes there are confusing tags that some people seem to use for a genre like #Fantasy or #Romance while others seem to use those same tags to mean more general presence of fantasies or romance.

Is there a way you’ve already seen that someone can use tags to clarify the difference between Romance and romantic elements or subplots?

If you haven’t seen one, can you think of a new one that would be fairly clear and intuitive?

Also, as a note, leaving out the #Romance tag may be effective on some level if I only want to lessen visibility with Romance: the Genre readers, but it doesn’t help readers who don’t like Romance or romantic plots to exclude works if there’s no tag at all. Having a tag for somewhat romantic works would give them something to exclude in searches.

Some suggestions in the other thread which are in use are:


I think the problem isn’t really a problem if your novels main plot isn’t romance, and you don’t label it in that ‘main’ category and just use it as a tag, then the reader should get the point just fine. If something isn’t in the ‘main’ category of romance, then I know not to expect it to be a true romance novel, but one with just a touch of it or subplot.

Wattpad really should give books the ability to put them into the categories, because how rare is it that a book only really falls into one? Quite rare. If they did this, it would fix a bunch of those misleading issues but I don’t think it’s at the top of their to-do list lol

I understand what you’re saying, but it is an issue since Wattpad switched to tag ranks and made it so that the category of a work isn’t visible on all devices.

Looking for a work-around here.

Hmm, I haven’t experienced this issue since the switch over of tag rankings, but I do see more of your point now. I know they’re still working on fixing the rankings since they’re all over the place and no one is happy with them so, maybe the will find a way to fix that as well in the meantime?