How do I know whether I've written something funny?

I kind of need help with this.

Now, I want to be clear that I’m not asking for anyone to help me read my work, that’s not what I’m here for. I want to know from anyone willing to help, if there’s a way I can gauge whether or not what I’ve written can make people laugh. And how I can make it funnier, better, crazier.

It’s kind of my selling point. But does anyone know whether there are any signs, or indications, or any of that sort of thing that I can write into my book? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

For me, comedy is something i love to take into consideration when writing. Personally, i believe that banter between characters can contribute a lot of humour. Stupidity through words. Or perhaps judgement from others. When reading, seeing back and forth conversations of insults just makes me giggle. But my biggest advice is, if it makes you laugh and you believe its funny, there’s a good chance other people will agree :))
not sure how much help that was lmao


I feel like if your smiling and giggling at your own work then thats a sign it’s funny. I think having a serious reaction to it is a good sign that you need to change it


Humor is so difficult because people can have many different opinions on what they find funny. Some have a dark sense of humor, some like puns, etc. so what one person might find completely hilarious, another might find insensitive, cheesy, or just plain not funny.

I would agree with The_Potato_Writer, as sometimes I write something and I think it’s funny or laugh at it, and therefore I hope some find it funny as well.

Something else might be to pay attention to what you find is funny, like when you read other stories or watch shows or movies. What makes you laugh or at least chuckle? What motifs do they use or what patterns do you see? (I am by no means encouraging copying, but at least gaining an inspiration or insight as to how others do something you want to achieve)

Maybe ask for feedback from a variety of other people (I know you’re not asking for feedback here, but maybe in another section like in the Read for Read section) and specifically ask folks what they found funny/if they found it funny and suggestions for improvement. This isn’t a foolproof way of improving, as you might run into people who aren’t helpful, but maybe more outside opnions might help.


Tell someone who is not obligated to encouraging you to read it.
If you give family or a close friend they are likely to be biased because they know you.

Guess what?
You have us! The forums.

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My sense of humour is kind of weird, and I’ve engaged in the work quite often. Sometimes the things that make me chuckle, make other people laugh out loud. And other times what makes me laugh out loud is met with stony silence. So,yeesh.

I think so, but sometimes it’s not blatant jokes, so it’s a bit hard to pin down. I think it’s more of absurdism, but I don’t know…

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Thanks for the help! More often than not it’s tough to find out what works.

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I’ll look into it, but I can only enter my story once a week, and I can’t seem to attract new readers.

Maybe you could get a reviewer or a friend to judge that for you.

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Hmmm, well think about how you would react if you were in your characters shoes, or you can ask a friend/family member to hear the joke (Give however much context you need) Then get their reaction on it

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Actually this does make sense

Try what I want to try.
Write multiple chapters in advance. That way, you’ll be ahead of every update

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Of course it does :wink:

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Outside of comments, I don’t see how you can gauge it. If it makes you laugh, it might be funny, or it might just be funny to you, there’s no telling. Do you usually make people laugh, in conversation? Do you do stand up or improv or anything? Is making things funny a muscle you exercise regularly?


That’s what I’ve done :joy: it’s been working well so far. I just need to proof read before I publish but that takes an hour at most

sometimes I make people laugh, but it’s either due to my amazing talent or incredible patheticness

It’s crazy. i want to write so bad right now but my eyes are watering.
Eye lids are droopy. I know I need sleep but…

Just so you know its 4:49 AM!

i stressed and sleepy, but I just want to do it!
I think i need help!! :blush:

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ha :laughing:

I think everyone has a different sense of humour mine is dark and/or dry.
The best way to know? Probably from reader reactions.