How do I read comments on my work?


Okay - this is complete Newbie question.

Is there a way I can see all the comments on my work? I can see some on the front, others are in chapters and some I can’t find anywhere.

Got advice?


Did you click ‘show more’ under the comments on the chapter?


I’ll try that.

If I’ve deleted the entire ‘page’ and reloaded, would I delete the comments?


When you delete a chapter, all the comments and views on that chapter get deleted as well. Is that your question?


That’s what I did…dang it! No wonder I can’t see them. (:woman_facepalming:


Yeah, that is a problem haha you can also unpublish a chapter, that way when you republish it (even after editing) I THINK the comments will still be there. I’m not sure about that though, you’d have to confirm with someone else!


Thank you and thank @LigerCat for the info.

I’ve still got a lot to learn about this place.


Anytime! If you have any more questions just message me either here or on wattpad, my username is the same, I’ll be happy to help :slight_smile: x


Thank you!

It’s a steep learning curve.


Yes, that will retain the comments.


You can have a look at this-


Is there some place where I can see the comments, all the comments, on a particular work?

I don’t think the in-line comments are making it to the bottom.

Also - when I KNOW I’ve got 2 readers and a bunch of comments, nothing shows up on the charts.


Kat, you can have a look at this-


On Web

There is currently no way to toggle inline comments on and off on Web.

If you have checked in your settings and see that this feature is turned on, please try the following troubleshooting steps to solve your issue:

Hmm…I know that I’m likely missing something simple. It’s always some silly little detail.


We learn something new everyday :slight_smile:


Very true.

Okay - all 20 of my comments are showing on the graph. Now I’ve got to find each one and see if I’ve read them all.



But not a single comment showed up. I’m stumped again.


Here’s the example. The line shows 2 comments.

I can only see one. The second one isn’t in the box. I don’t know who made it.


The second comment is the reply to the comment that will open up when you click on “1 reply” (:


AHA! Thank you!

So the replies, MY replies, are counted with the comments, but they don’t show up AS comments.

IMO that’s a bit counter-intuitive, but now that I understand it - I think I can deal with it.

Thank you so much @MysticFate for sticking with me!