How do I read comments on my work?


I just popped in actually XD Just saw no one had answered so I thought I’d help. But yes - I completely agree! I honestly don’t like the fact that replies to actual original comments on a line show up as individual comments… If that makes sense.

Good luck with the learning though! I’ve been on Wattpad for 7 years and I can still remember how confusing it was back then… And back then it was much simpler. So I can’t imagine how much you’d have to try and learn now xD Even now I still learn new things.


There are layers of complexity upon complexity - and that’s just the software!

Everyone has been helpful and kind, so I don’t feel back about asking for help working things out.

What is XD?


Oh, that’s just a laughing face that I use haha :’) Sorry for the confusion.

But yeah, never be afraid to ask questions! Wattpad has a really amazing community for the most part, but like always, it does have its bad eggs (though I have yet to personally be involved with them). If people know the answer to something, they won’t hesitate to help (: I’ve even had someone message me on my actual Wattpad account in the PMS to ask me how to post an image with link in the SYS threads before.
If you’re ready to ask, people will be ready to answer!


When I go to look at comments, my story shows another read. So my reads count when I go looking for comments?

Um - is that really a good idea? I could have a thousand ‘reads’ all are just me, looking at comments.


Unfortunately a lot of people share your view on that matter, including me. It really sucks, but there’s not much can be done about it unless the Wattpad HQ fix it… But the “good” thing is that you can apparently only get ~1 read per day per chapter. I hope that makes sense (:


I just discovered that I can vote on my own stuff, too.

Well - if they don’t have an issue with it, then I’m not going to complain. Need the reads - and the votes won’t hurt either.


Yup, one vote per chapter. A lot of people vote on their newest chapters every time they upload; others do it in spurts and some don’t do it at all. It’s a personal opinion thing (: But yeah, the votes will definitely make the book more appealing - and the reads will help it gain more attention XD One has to wonder if it’s a bad or a good bug - but one thing’s for sure: it’s kind of annoying not knowing how many reads are your own.


Well I’m gonna have to read to get to the comments, and if I comment that will count.

So I’d divide the number of reads and comments by half to get an honest assessment. Which leaves votes. Well, it is what it is.


Haha, exactly. I’m not sure if this has always been a feature (thinking back to when I joined), but one can hope they patch it up when they role out the next set of updates to fix a bunch of bugs that seem to have appeared after the last few major overhauls (:


All software ages out - even Amazon is having to update because the site isn’t holding up. I’m loving the new KDP sales graphs. I can find out what is selling instantly. Never had that before.


That sounds pretty awesome, for sure :smiley:


Nice :slight_smile: