how do u define a good writer



I suppose it depends a lot on why you write or what you want to get out of it. A large part of my motivation is getting better. It’s satisfying to me to feel like I’ve improved in some aspect or another.

So I find good writers inspiring. Why wouldn’t I compare myself to them? I do the same thing in everything else, too. If someone is better I know I can be better, too. Aiming at some dark unknown that might or might not be possible seems much tougher to me :sweat_smile:

Sure. The perfect novel is of course good at everything, not just prose.

But - and that’s back to my definition of good writer - good prose is good prose no matter what else is going on. You can write about grass growing and paint drying and it’d still be a fascinating demonstration of your superior command of language. If you actually were that good.

So, and of course that’s still just my opinion, but for me you can’t ever write a good book if you can’t write good prose. But you can easily write a good book if your characters, plot and so on are sort of “lackluster mediocre” (not a perfect book though ^^).

That’s why I say the core ability for a good writer for me is writing good prose. The rest - I don’t want to sound too dismissive about it; they aren’t easy things to be good at either, but it’s not just as important to me.


That’s honestly so sweet :slight_smile: The fact that you find satisfaction within a simple gesture is something I wish I could have!


But does that mean you’re a good writer or a good STORY-TELLER?


This is a good standard! I thought about this, but then I kept thinking to myself, well other things make people sad/react because my best friend NEVER reacts to anything. Like you gotta basically die 10929384234 times to get her to even jerk a single tear or feel anything HAHA


That is such a good analogy! And welcome to the boards :slight_smile:


I think a lot of people post to get notoriety in some way, to validate what they’re writing, not because they necessarily think what they’re writing is actually good. A lot of people really dislike their work and the way they’ve constructed something, and even take down their work to re-do it.

I also think success is very different from being a good writer, but I definitely see your point :)!


Good thought!


So you’re saying if they can communicate a productive message in a way that is receptive to others. Hmm, I think that’s a good measure :slight_smile:


So then the nit-and-grit of the question comes down to this: how do we find self-satisfaction within our art?


To me good writing is one of two things.

A) The word chose and order itself is beautiful. The prose (or poetry) flows and is so thoughtfully deliberate that it paints a spell.

B) The word choice and order is completely invisible. The writer manages to get the writing completely out of the way of the story and you don’t even notice that you’re reading.

These are in some ways complete opposites of each other, but I think both signify exemplary writing. A is more indicative of literary work. Think the Lord of the Rings or Pride and Prejudice. B is more indicative of good modern writing.


I actually think this point is super duper valid. I really never thought of reading a good book like that. But you’re right, it never actually feels like reading.


lol I have a friend like this too… she could read the saddest, most heartbreaking book and not shed a single tear, but if I read the same book I would sob the whole way through :joy: Strangely enough, my friend seeks out sad books; even though they don’t make her cry she likes the emotions in them


Oh my gosh, my friend too! I love reading “deep” books (like books that try and send a message) and so she’s always asking me for recommendations and I’ll tell her like “oh I cried here and here” and she literally will go like “dude that wasn’t even sad wtf are you talking about” and I just … I’ve given up HAHAH


SAME! Tho to be fair I’m the type of person that cries about the beauty of nature and pure friendships and how much I love my dog :joy: I personally think that my sensitivity makes me a better writer, because I feel those emotional scenes in my soul lol


Oh dude, I cry when I see a dog. No joke. My campus has guide dogs, and we train them, and the second I see them I will burst into tears. And I’m not even exaggerating. It’s SOOOO easy to get me to cry.

But for some reason, I’ve NEVER actually cried in a Wattpad book except in Rules of Survival and when I was writing something for my book HAHA


I would define a good writer as someone who uses their imagination and their heart to write stories that inspire others, (or any story that people can relate to or enjoy). also, a good writer uses the correct grammar and spelling, etc. overall though i think a good writer needs a good imagination.


I really like this answer! That’s how I feel about some of my favorite books, actually :slight_smile:

Also welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


I’ve WEPT over Wattpad books. Like full-on crying. And I’ve also wept when I learned the book was going to be traditionally published because I was so happy, and I have to admit I teared up holding it in my hands for the first time and reading my name in the acknowledgements :heart: I love being an emotional wreck lol

Also @Unicorns2001Lexi Welcome to the forums! :sparkles: I totally agree with you; imagination is one of the most important things about being a creative writer!


Oooh dude please recommend me these amazing books! I haven’t read a good Wattpad story is over three years!!!


There could be two types of standards for ‘good writers’. Objective and subjective. What I said was subjective, and objective standards could also be taken into consideration (which I did not elaborate on in this forum). However, even if a writer meets the objective qualifications of being a ‘good writer’, there’s a possibility the piece doesn’t resonate with certain readers thereby not being perceived as a ‘good writer’ by them. In that case objective could turn into subjective, too.