How do we achieve our dreams?

I think lots of people on here dream of publishing a book. For those who have published a book do you have any tips for those of us with that dream?

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Personally, I am not published, but I can give advice on it for the basics.

The first thing you want to do is research. Figure out which route you want to go (traditional or self publishing) and do research on the industry you want to get into.

I recommend watching Alexa Donne and Meg LaTorre for traditional publishing and Jenna Moreci for self-publishing.


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I think you have to seriously figure out what your dream truly is.

Anyone can publish a book – just make a cover and put the book up on Amazon. Doesn’t even have to cost you anything!

SELLING your book is a different thing. Creating a book that other people want to buy is a different thing. Writing well, crafting well, and creating a professional-quality product are completely different things. Making a decent sum of money or making a CAREER of writing is also different. So is being picked up by an agent and traditionally publishing!

What is your dream?


Aim high with low to zero expectations of anything happening.


I started my dreams of writing at a young age… Writing any chance I got about Princesses, romance and family and here I am now living out my dream despite all the odds

People telling me that I’ll never be anything, yet today I am someone. I’m not famous, I don’t earn money for it, however I am doing what I love whenever I can.

I handwrite 3 times a week and type 4 times a week of my many different stories, dedicate a new day to a new story.

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If you want to be a published author—not just publish a book, but publish one people will buy—you first have to learn the craft of writing fiction. People who aren’t serious typically skip this step. They write for fun, and that’s okay, but if your dream is to be a published author, it’s not okay.

Then you need perseverance. For a few, it comes easy. For the rest of us, you have to work at it. Like anything else you want to be good at, it takes time and effort and practice and failure before success.

Then you need to learn the industry. This club is a good place to gather that knowledge.

You need to grow thick skin, be open-minded, and be able to differentiate between good and bad advice.

And finally, be realistic. Very few will be able to earn a living being a novelist. Set your goals accordingly.


How to achieve your dream in two easy steps!

Step 1: Lower expectations to the dirt.
Step 2: Profit!

Works for me!! :smiley:

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The comments mentioned above are all correct. In a nutshell (in no particular order) here’s what you should do to turn your dream into reality.

  1. Define what your goal is. What do you hope to achieve? What is your purpose in writing? Is it to make a career out of writing? More as a side hobby? Etc.
  2. Outline a plan. Once you know your goal you need to outline how exactly you are going to accomplish that.
  3. Improve your craft. Writing is a craft. It takes time and effort but mastering the basics of writing is essential if you want to publish.
  4. Research Writing is one thing. Selling and marketing your book is another monster! You need to research the steps involved in publishing (traditional vs. self-publishing). Stay abreast with market trends. Is there a sizable market for your story? What are people in that genre looking for? It also helps to pick up advice from others who have been in this industry. What worked for them? What didn’t.

I hope that helps.


Thank you!!

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I will definitely do that. Thank you!

My ultimate dream would be to make writing my job.

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That’s amazing!!

This is helpful. Thank you!

Right now I’ve finished the book I’m writing which I’ve started to post chapters of on here, but i also happen to have a relative that works in a publishing company in London and she said she’d also have a look at my book, which i feel might be one step towards achieving my dream


That’s amazing! Let me know what she says I’m quite curious :blush::speak_no_evil:

I will! I haven’t sent it to her since I’m still editing but I’m hoping it goes well

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I hope so for you too :blush:

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