How Do You Add Hand Drawn Pictures Not On The Internet Into Your Text

I sometimes draw on an app called IbisPaintX to create covers and to add pictures on the top of my story. Though I want to be able to add multiple pictures… IN THE TEXT BOX , and not on the top of the chapter, I know how to add drawings from the internet onto into my text, but not how to add hand drawn ones that are saved on a drawing app. If there is a way that you can do it please tell me.

  • Can you download the images in a usb and plug it to a computer and then drag and drop it into the text?

  • Is there a way to do it on mobile?

You mean like this?

I Mean a literal image, not an emoji.
Do you know how you can drag and drop an image on the internet into your text?
Well the images I want to use aren’t on the internet, but are instead hand drawn and are saved on a drawing app.


I go upstairs only to see what seems to be the remains of a burnt dagger. Charred black, right next to the bathroom door.

image of burnt dagger here

Light is coming from under the door, so I assume it is my sister… but why was there a dagger? Most of all, why was it burnt?

Nvm, I found out how. You need to upload it in your computer using a usb and the click on the mountain icon of the left of the typing area.

Those are not emojis, they’re hand-drawn and digitized snowflakes.

Seems like you’re trying to insert inline media.
If you’re on app, just click this little icon and then pic out the image from your device.


The image can’t be larger than 3mb and you can add a maximum of 20 per chapter.

you can also use an image hosting site to upload your images and then use the link, as I recall