How do you center words on wattpat?



i’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I have a question. We write a diary style book and I would like to center the headline and have the date appear on the right site of the page. Is that possible on wattpad and if yes how?
Lg Mond
Ps: I hope you understand my question, because English isn’t my first language and I’m not sure if I used the correct terms.


Short Answer: You don’t.

Long Answer: You can if you wish to have all your writing to be on the left-hand and/or right-hand side of the page.


No that wasn’t the gool. I wish you could just do that with single passages :disappointed:
But thanks for your answer anyway :wink:


You can do a poor man’s centering by just putting a bunch of spaces, but idk that that would work with right justified. You can try it though and see what happens.

Unfortunately wattpads formatting choices tends to leave a lot to be desired.


Just highlight the text you want to format and a toolbar will pop up. You will be able to choose whether to have that line on the right, left or centre, and you will also be able to bold, italicise or underline the text. This works even if you have only part of the paragraph highlighted. Unfortunately you can’t select multiple paragraphs; if you want your entire text centred you’ll have to do it line by line.

This may work a bit differently on mobile.


I tried that. When you change the size of the page it looks really bad. I guess I just find a other way to do it without centering.


Thank you. That worked❤️


Or at least it worked for the first chapter. It doesn’t wants to save it on the others😢


ah, wattpad can be glitchy like that. You get used to it. Maybe try again later.


Okay, thank you


Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It never seems to work for my section separators (***). I’ve long ago given up and now just use a bunch of spaces. Even though it looks bad.


Depending on what browser you use, it won’t work.
I usually have to open the chapter in Safari and change up the format and save it in that browser for it to stay that way.

I if do it in the app and then open the chapter in Firefox, the format made in the app will disappear. The same if I do it the other way around.
The only way I can make the formatting stay, it I do it in Safari.

Wattpad is a giant fail when it comes to this, and always have been.


Ivll keep trying for now.


I don’t have that browser, but I try Chrome i guess.


Honestly, I’ve wished for a long time that Wattpad would allow us to do simple formatting ourselves using actual code. AO3 does.


Tell me about it! I “shift” all new paragraphs in a chapter, so that the text starts with a little inward nudge. I have to do that manually by hitting space x7 with every single line.
It looks great, but if I start doing it and then open the draft in the app, save it, and open in my browser, ALL the nudges are gone and I have to start over.


The german side I use lets you upload text documents and keeps the formatting on them. It’s so much easier.