How do you choose your titles?


Come in and share some tips on how you choose your titles! Maybe even help someone who is struggling to find that perfect title.
Do you try and make series titles match? Use key words? Genre? Character names?

There are so many different ways to come up with amazing eye catching titles, come and share your method.

What title are you most proud of?


I try and use key words! My book The Moon Distant was named because the enemy is called ‘The Moon Distant’ so it seemed like an obvious choice for me. I also chose it because it seemed unique, and I wanted a title that would stand out from others!


I definitely try to pick something that plays with the book in some way. I have Draygon Frost which is because the MC is a Draygon (a race in the book) and she has frost magic. Shock. Then I have Freelander and Ewah which are the last names of the MC :laughing: Once a book is read, most of the titles become more obvious as to why they were picked.


Ahh, I like that! Draygon
How do Draygon’s differ from dragons? if you dont mind me asking, im curious, lol

Very true, though sometimes it is fun to try and make it not so obvious to give readers an easter egg. When they are like, “Ohhhhhh I get it!!”


Draygon are basically a magically made hybrid of a bunch of different species. So they have the appearance of humans, their magic is ice based, they have varying scale patterns on their skin, white eyes, fangs…and that’s all I can remember without opening up my cheat sheet :laughing: My MC spends much of Draygon Frost using a changeling potion to blend in with humans (she’s in hiding) and erase her Draygonian features. I just couldn’t think of a better name so they’re called Draygon but not specifically dragons.

I love the “Oooooh I get it now” moments when readers pick up on why the title is the way it is. Some aren’t really a secret so those I don’t get it, but others it’s a nice reaction.


Lol, gotta love cheat sheets!!! Ohhh thats an intriguing idea, fantasy im guessing?

Reader reactions are the best :grin:


Yup. High fantasy with a dash of Dark. Cheat sheets are the only way I can keep myself straight. Otherwise I’m always forgetting names and apperances of my own characters :laughing:


Lol, sameeeee sorry (lists off a bunch of characters)
Character files and plot summaries, time lines, etc.
My book is already a mess, I dont need to mess of characters too.

On topic:
My short stories series I used the trick of naming they similarly (Caged, Trapped, Chained) and also they are key words in each book.

I love naming books, its just so much fun finding the name that is just right, then getting a cover


I love naming books when they come easy :laughing: My first ever novel was called “The Super Cool Story without a Supper Cool Name” for a good 6 months or so. Then it was called Young Prince which made me want to vomit. Nothing stood out as anything I liked. Eventually I settled on Brothers Blood but it took a while to get there.



Ohhh Blood Brothers is niceeee, it sounds good!
At least “The Super Cool Story without a Supper Cool Name” wasn’t one of those titles that gives away everything. Maybe thats just in the werewolf genre? But there are quite a few where the title tells you everything that happens :’)

One of my drafts is called Unchaining Ancestry, and I might try and do a rewrite, but i’d need a new title for it, lol


Too bad the book is a big pile of crap :laughing: But it was my first ever novel so I really can’t expect much from it.

Ah yes, the “I was bitten by the alpha but I’m a vampire. Oh my” titles. Those are the best. :rofl:

I’d say stick with that title to start with because as you start the re-write something might click with you. Until the book is in print, there’s nothing to say you can’t change the title!


Ohh thats fair! What age did you start writing at? Like even small paragraphs, or just drawings of stories, or thinking up ideas?

Or the “I’m the alphas mate, I’m pregnant with his twins, but was rejected, now I have a second chance mate” one :joy:

True! I haven’t given it much though since I have like 16 other werewolf books and like 5 other genre books in my head that I want to write (ahhhh help me!!!)
Lol, until its in print anything can be changed, phewwww


I’ve been writing off and on since I was 10, but never actually finished anything until BB. I can’t remember how old I was when I finished that one, I want to say 25-26.

My mate is my brother who is also my uncle but I think I might be a unicorn.

Sounds like me. I have an idea of re-writing BB into at least a trilogy, but I have a word doc full of story ideas I need to get through first.


ohhh, I guess you’ve learned a lot then!

Lol, yes… yes, be the unicorn we want to see

Ahaha, dont we all! A writers mind almost never stops. My ideas fester like pests around food. Too many!!!


Debatable Haha. I mean I’ve improved but how much I’ve actually learned is debatable.

As long as they keep one book at a time, then it’s all good. When they start to demand being written at the same time…then I get a little fussy about it.


[quote=“Prisim, post:15, topic:258”]
Debatable Haha. I mean I’ve improved but how much I’ve actually learned is debatable.

Lol, always learning when you’re a writer! New words, new ideas, adjusting your style, adding new things in, you can’t say you haven’t learned anything :slight_smile: if you can see a change in your writing from now to looking back, you’ve improved!!

Lol, I force myself to focus on only one or two or else nothing would ever be written


I can say I suck a little bit less :laughing: So there’s that.

Same. I’d never finish anything if I wrote two books at once. I don’t have that much writing time so I have to focus on one project at a time.


Lol, youve been writing for a while, you must have picked up more then just “suck a little bit less”!!! Youve totally got this :slight_smile:

How long is your book? chapter or words? Just curious


I don’t have much confidence so saying I suck a bit less is actually an improvement :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Which one? On average, I’d say most are 100K for my fantasy books. My non-fantasies are a bit shorter but still probably around the 70-80K range (can’t remember) How about yours?


You’ve got thiss!! Low confidence seems to be normal in the writing community, lol. Im not confident about my writing either

O.o wowwww thats long! Mine is currently at 56k but its still going. This is my first really planned novel