How do you combine science and fantasy?


Some of my favorite fantasies are the ones that have elements of scifi in them. Like in Star Wars, where everyone is flying spaceships and shooting lasers, but the Jedi also use the Force, which is clearly magic. Or in Final Fantasy VII, the heroes are fighting against a power company that’s killing the planet. One has a gun for a hand, and the other uses a sword bigger than he is and can cast spells. How do you do it?

In Juryokine, I don’t even have magic. One race can fly and control gravity, but that’s considered a natural ability they have instead of anything magical. The world is similar to turn of the century America, with people driving cars and using machines that can plug into the wall for power. In fact, the main character is in the process of inventing batteries for portable power.

In Magnus Knights (WIP) they live in a mostly traditional fantasy medieval setting, but they have giant robots. Only elite knights under the king’s command get to use them, and they’re powered by magic, but, still… giant robots.


The best way to combine science and fantasy is to combine the elements in the story instead of them being two separate ideas. In Star Wars, science and magic are both accepted as normal, in a way.


That’s debatable. Also, it depends on what part of the timeline we’re talking about. In the prequel trilogy, yeah, everyone knows about and accepts the Jedi. But in the OT, people consider it a hokey old religion. Even people who worked directly with Darth Vader had to be Force choked before they believed he had any power.


In my Knights of Lore series mana(magic) is a very common thing. Its so common even animals can use it. It can even be used with science. For instance, by extracting the life force(apart of the magic system) of two lovers human can be created without intercourse. It only takes a few days before a fetus becomes a conscious baby. This method is used to give the child the desired traits of each parent and help the developer quickly. For instance, both parents could be an expert marksman/woman so that trait would be encoded in the child genes. One parent could be an expert swordsman will the mother has a strong affinity for using mana to craft ice. Both traits would be given to the child.

Mana is also the what power cities and kingdoms. Mana generators can be found in every kingdom as they are advanced on technology. A mana core is what gives a spacecraft’s engine the ability to travel at faster than light speeds.

Weapons are also used with mana. An officer knight can fire projectiles made of mana that feels like a diamond being thrown at you 300mph. Swords can be given a crystallyne jewel to make them become conductors of mana, increasing the durability of the blade depending on the users skill.

A person can use mana for all sorts of things. From wielding the elements to summoning creatures, the magic system ive created is so much fun to play with. I can’t wait to introduce more tech!


I would imagine adding sci-fi elements to a fantasy setting would work well. I hear Disney tried something like that with treasure planet. Also, maybe a fantasy-esc plot where you have to go on an adventure to save a princess or something might also work well. Idk, I’m new to writing and I’m just spitballin ideas.


Science plays a big role in my book, where a bunch of elves basically use magic to understand quantum mechanics, and vice-versa.


I love the genre of science fantasy, it’s too bad there’s just too little books in this genre.
One of my favorites is a WP book by @Salintha I unfortunately can’t link - she has nice sci-fi settings including futuristic cities, genetic engineering and flying cars, but with some cool fantasy elements such as immortal deities or dragons.
Another thing which nicely blends fantasy and sci-fi is the show RWBY. It’s set on a fantasy continent divided into several kingdoms and inhabited by monsters. Only a few chosen ones can use actual magic and the others have to use science-based pseudo-magic. However - they have things like smartphones, tablets, energy-based weapons, futuristic aircrafts, bionic limbs etc.
After I finish my current thing, I also plan to try a kind of urban science fantasy. Set in the future in a large city full of modern technologies, but there will be various supernatural creatures, people with special powers etc., except that the creatures can also use firearms and other technologies. I also want to dig into creating artificial human beings and transhumanism.


What if you cast a healing spell, and it heals the wound - but also heals the bacteria and infections in the wound? How would a spell distinguish between living things? Maybe you should use a sterilization spell first.

I’ve always like the idea of scientific fantasy, and I try to put some technical thought into the magic that I write.


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My book The Silver Knight has dragons that make stargates.


Ugh. I need a good science fantasy read. I need to be inspired!!!


Weirdly enough, the best science fantasy I can think of is in video games. The Final Fantasy games from 7 onwards do a great job of this, and Tales of Xillia is one of my all time favorites.


I’ve been trying to get into ff. I don’t know where to start though. It was Vincent Valentine who introduced me to the series but i started to like it more after seeing cloud


I’m not a fan of turn based combat, so I’m more of a… conceptual fan, maybe? Lol. But try some of the Tales Of games. Their gameplay is pretty shallow, but they’ve got some of the best stories I’ve ever read/watched/played/etc. Pretty crazy when you’re talking about video games


That’s simple. My Starchild novel combines elements of science fiction and fantasy simply for what it is: A saga surrounding a young woman who is destined to become the next Starchild of Ancient Lore.

But along the way, she runs into a whole raft of problems, namely dealing with the Praetorial Guard, her own fights and struggles with Nemesis (dream state only) and her “dipping” into her power of Chaos which renders her mad at times.

(Plus, she’s having intermittent dealings with her doppelganger from another universe as well.)

So that’s the fantasy part. The science fiction aspect belongs solely to the orbiting space complex of Stratos City and the sky tube system that is used for transportation to and from the planet’s surface.


Is it for console.


I like the whole nemises idea. I was gonna use that trope but decided against it


Tales of Xillia? Yeah, it’s on PS3. So are Tales of Xillia 2 and Tales of Graces F. Tales of Berseria is on PS4. Tales of Vesperia is on 360 and getting a rerelease on PS4. You can skip Tales of Zestiria, it’s the only one I’ve played that I didn’t like.


No, her name is Nemesis. She was once a Starchild herself from countless eons ago but fell under the thrall of the God of Insanity and became His off and on consort. She had been incarcerated in a stasis chamber fashioned by an ex-Watcher from the Realm of Dreams while on Earth 10,000 years ago and she’s just awoken to find the planet much different than what she remembered and she’s free to sow the seeds of discord and chaos as she sees fit.

She has very powerful telepathic powers.