How do you deal with writer's crash


Writer’s crash or whatever you call it (I have no clue if there is a term for this)
But basically, it’s when you just finished writing a book and you’re filled with pride and joy and you’re super enthusiastic and you want to share it with everyone and hope they enjoy it just as much as you did writing it… but
(Or at least, it feels that way.)

I suppose it got me extra hard as I finished editing and polishing another novel a few weeks before and I tried getting it some more exposure, but

So it’s just adding up for me and it’s been a bit of a massive downer on the initial pride and happiness of having completed a project. (Doesn’t help I was already feeling low for other more personal reasons.)

Anyone else get this and how do you deal with it?


If you just finished the novel, there’s a good chance you’re still confusing what you meant to write with what actually ended up on the page. This is why authors are advised to let the manuscript sit for a month or two before coming back to edit it, to give some distance and clarity.

Also, how are you posting the book, marketing it, hashtagging it, etc?


My only advice would be, to be happy writing for yourself. Ofcourse its epic, exciting and enthusing to see people are enjoying it and/or leaving feedback, but you must first enjoy the moment yourself, then you can enjoy sharing.
Remember, your story is YOUR baby. Others may not want to just happen by, feed, change and sooth it, at first.


When you’re writing for yourself, and not for others, you’ll not feel that way. Perhaps you’re looking into it all the wrong way. However, yes, it can still be a bit forlorn feel. Best thing one can do is to start working on something new, get something else to think about. This also relates to the next point…

Agreeing with the other poster, a piece of work isn’t really yet “ready” even after the fourth or so re-edit, it’s only ready after you’ve gotten away from it for two months or so and only then, after that, done the final edit.


The one I edited had been completed a few years ago.
And they are both on wattpad :slight_smile:


I already got tbe next project lined up :no_mouth: editing and rewriting the first novel I completed :sweat_smile: that’s been several years ago too.


I think I got writer’s crash confused with writer’s burnout when I clicked on this…

Oh well, yeah that sucks. I think the only way around that is to not focus on the reads and remember that reads don’t equal the value of the work. Or at least, that’s what I focus on, and I haven’t had this issue of feeling that disappointment over reads not coming in as quickly as I’d like.


Indeed, not burnout :slightly_smiling_face:
And you’re right, one shouldn’t focus on reads–but that’s easier said than done :sweat_smile:


If you write for yourself, why post on Wattpad? The whole point is to attract readership.


It is, but it’s worth the effort. I know I used to care about reads a lot more then I should, but as I get older, they seem to matter less and less.


I do both tbh.
I want to share my work, feel validated I suppose. But I write for myself in the way that I need to write to keep sane. Writing is my way of coping with (past) trauma.


In my mind, I see writing for yourself being you’re not writing for the readers, as in you’re not writing what’s popular unless you generally want to it write that theme. It’s writing what you want to write, even if you’re not sure anyone else will like your ideas. It doesn’t mean hiding your writing away to never be seen by another pair of eyes.


I agree with this :heart:


You want to find readers who relate to your perspective.


Exactly! I view it as a crazy car ride…and I’m the driver. I’m willing to pick people up along the way to enjoy the view and see where I’m going, but they don’t have to if they don’t want to. They can get off, or get to the destination with me…but I’m going anyway. They can enjoy the ride if they like.


I just need to say I laughed so hard at those gifs.

I can’t relate to the writer’s crash yet since I haven’t completed my book but I’d say it’s doing great so far. I only published it 3 weeks ago and it was almost 500 views :heart_eyes: On the other hands, I don’t have a number to compare it with but I’m thankful for every read, nonetheless.


Lol I Feel You… Same Boat Here!
But we need to just keep in mind that we are writing because it makes US happy. :sweat_smile:
I think the more you put out there, the more people start noticing you as well… so good luck :slight_smile:


I think that might actually be part of the problem :no_mouth:
I was featured years ago and all the comments were just insane. I loved it and it was super motivating :heart:
But, years later now, and I try to “relive” that time, but it seems I just can’t :disappointed:
Call me spoiled if you will (I probably am :sweat_smile: ) but it just leaves me rather sad to know that it doesn’t mean much to have thousands of followers or reads, as the interaction is just super low (for me anyway) :disappointed: As in, I don’t think I am getting that much more comments now compared to when I wasn’t featured years ago. I have a group of about a dozen lovely readers who will always comment (and seriously, I love every single one of them!), but the majority of my readers are just silent. And I suppose that’s what is making me feel down :disappointed_relieved:
I’ve tried engaging with my readers more, ask them questions, and I read and (9/10 times) respond to every single comment I get, so it’s not like I’m one of those “big writers” who never interact with their readers. So I am just left not knowing what I’m doing wrong (if anything), and feeling down because of it :no_mouth:
(But again, I’m already not in the best headspace so it’s probably a bit of a snowball effect.)


It’s not you. I think the market for ebooks now is far more saturated than it was a few years ago.

It’s similar for Kindle; with the same amount of effort and marketing, a book that might have gotten 2,000 downloads a few years ago only gets 200 now.


You might have a good point there :pensive: