How do you deal with writer's crash


Doubt plagues every writer I know. Missing the story you just submerged yourself in is natural too. Try this exercise to dig out of that downer. Find a site with pictures that fit your favorite genre. The first picture that catches your interest, make up a story about it, characters and all. You can tell a story in a few sentences. Write it down and go to the next one, unless you’re bursting with enthusiasm and then fill out some more. This builds your imagination better than you think. To improve skill, read a book of your favorite genre and concentrate on how it’s written and how you would say it differently. But let them do their own thing. I am a beta reader and it’s my job to find mistakes. That has improved my own edits.
I usually dive right into writing a new book. Especially after editing.


I’m actually already busy with the next book :heart: Already read the old draft and writing down the lore now :slight_smile: It helped a lot to immerse myself in this project, so you’re def right about that :heart: (Considering I was also in a bad place because of old trauma, and I wrote that draft to help deal with that trauma, it’s coming full circle now–in a good way.)


I’m glad I was late with my advice as to hear how you have handled it yourself. That’s great news. Life is full of learning and this is part of it. I would think that writing out what you were going through makes it a powerful story! My books have experience in them too. Being I’m not young anymore, there’s a lot of that, LOL. My dilemma is because I write humor. If I read strong drama or crime or depressing stories, it throws me off my own writing for days. :frowning:


I hope it will be :heart:

And yikes, better avoid such works then if it throws you off :frowning: I hope you also don’t like those type of stories–at least that saves you from having to make a choice.


LOL, I love most stories except for horror. I’ll read anything, but I have to write and then read later as not to influence myself. :smiley: I can’t force it or it shows. It helps to know my own faults. I’m learning to juggle it with reading a good book.