How do you determine..


So this might be a really dumb question seeing as it might be really simple. But how do you actually determine what gene your book\story is under? Seeing as there’s so many… Do you base it off of what your story is mainly about? Or do you do it off of something else?


I base it off the main plot.
There are sub categories, too.
I had to debate putting mine under science fiction since there was drama, but is also fiction.
So it is really the most distinguishable part of the plot.


It will be the main focus of your story. Sub genres is usually where it gets fuzzy, but in general it should be not too hard to pick one. What is your book about? Maybe I can help?


Where would you expect to find your book in a bookstore? That’s usually the easiest way.



I currently have multiple stories going on. Ranging from one about werewolves, to one about today’s issues. That one would be Non Fic. But I wanna get this one up that it’s only three chapters so far but it’s about a princess that gets transported to our time, only to meet a boy an his two friends who then help her to get back to her time to stop the bad guy.


The princess one sounds like fantasy to me, but if the focus is on science/timetravel then it could be sci-fi


It’s all about what the story is mainly focused on.

So, for example, let’s say your story is about a man going on Mars, finds out there’s aliens living there, and falls in love with one, but the other aliens want to destroy him because of how evil humans are. Though the love interest believes he’s okay, and helps him leave Mars without starting a war. They leave into space, and travel back to earth where humans find out that alien life exists which causes chaos and how everyone wants to destroy her.

This story would be a science fiction, with romantic subplot.

Now, let’s switch it around. Let’s say the story is about a man who goes to Mars and finds out there’s aliens living there. He falls in love with one, but the other aliens don’t trust him. The love interest believes he’s peaceful, but realizes that her species are in the wrong. So they leave back into space and travel back to earth. Humans find out that alien life exists, and although there’s an uproar about her kind, the man defends her and says that aliens can exist on earth because they’re “just like us.” Humans realize that it’s okay, and the man and alien live happily ever after.

This story would be a science fiction romance. The romance is the main part of the story, but the story is science fiction because of the aliens and space and stuff.


Thanks you guys, this has really been helpful.