How do you expand your vocabulary?


I know everyone says to avoid because you may use words incorrectly, but what other way to you have in learning new words? Reading and googling words you didn’t already know? I sometimes google synonyms of common words on which is more trustworthy, or translate words I know in my mother tongue (Greek) but not in English. What about you?


Reading a lot has helped me to expand my vocabulary greatly.

Just reading all sorts of things, from romance to scientific articles.

Plus, reading is fun, so it’s a win-win situation. c:




I use Anki to increase my vocab!
Spaced cognitive retention or something like that is supposedly best for memory…


Reading a variety of books has helped me. And I have a dictionary app that gives me a word of the day, which I find fascinating. I also have a tendency to look up words I hear/read that I’m unfamiliar with because otherwise it will drive me crazy. Of course, that then drives my friends and family crazy, as I’ll do it in the middle of a conversation or meeting or whatever and then not shut up about what I’ve learned.


I have to check that out!


In gen I think reading is the best way to increase vocab. Rote memorization wont help you USE the words. BUt reading them in context will :slight_smile:


Reading, first off. I always learn new words that way.

You can also sign up with (I believe) and ask them to send you the word of the day. They may be arbitrary words, but you may be surprised which ones you’ll actually start using for yourself.


@erincasey09 yeah i used to do the dictionary word of the day. I should do that again :slight_smile:


Just read! Read all types of books, from non-fiction science, to the craziest sci-fi fantasy mash-up.

Ok, that was a bit too enthusiastic.


Nah, that was just right <3


I actually love the thesaurus, since it gives me a lot of options and reminds me of words I have forgotten in that moment. Then again, english is basically my first language so its easier for me to use the words.


Do the vocabulary quizes on

I learned a lot on there in my high school days. Not to mention every correct answer you make gives to charity.


Mostly reading, and really varied reading. Fiction, non-fiction is also very useful, research papers to see academic writing, so on. The more you see words the better you absorb them, typically.


I do look up synonyms - either through Google or - and then if I don’t know the synonym’s true definition, I’ll look up the word through Google. Sometimes, I may know it but I just forgot about it, until I look up the synonym and I’m like, “Oh, that’s a perfect one!” xD

Otherwise, reading helps a lot (as others have said) and I’ve also listened to people talk and I do ask what the word means or look it up on my phone. I’ve also looked up words through TV shows or movies. Like, for example, when I was watching Greys Anatomy on Netflix, in the summary section, there was a word I wasn’t familiar with, and so I looked it up. Lol.


I learn words all kinds of ways, from reading books, from English class (as well as other classes sometimes), from hearing words and then looking them up, from using a thesaurus, and other ways too


It’s not a free option, but if you can find a copy of Word Power Made Easy, purchase it (or if you’re cheap there may be a PDF copy circulating somewhere). My grade 12 English teacher made everyone read it and quizzed us on some of the words. I still have my copy of it with the exercises done, but maybe one day I can look back at it.


I like to I agree reading books helps a lot, I personally spotted new words while reading on Wattpad :smile:

#19 - I posted the link wrong way :sweat_smile:


I’ve actually started using the app on my phone called Writer’s Dictionary. You’re able to search common words and then get in depth information on that word. You can also have words randomly given to you. It’s rather helpful.