How do you find and mark books for older adult readers?



Hi. I’m 30something and recently joined Wattpad to get feedback for a novelette edited down from a manuscript I produced during Nanowrimo. I chose Wattpad because it seemed more interesting than sharing it on Google Docs.

But this website skews young. Most of the recommendations I see are YA, and while I’m sure I might have enjoyed them twenty years ago, a lot of their preoccupations kind of make my eyes glaze over now.

How do I find books for older readers and mark my own book as the same? What hashtags can I use? “Mature” and “adult” seem to connote erotica, not “the sort of story that would interest a 40 year-old but might bore a teenager silly.”


I’m actually wondering the same thing as far as promoting my own work. But I do like threads like these where I can see where some older writers are hiding.


Hi there @Skyblacker2. I’m not over 30 years, but I do know where you can find these writers. The older writers (30+) tend to gather more around these parts:

The Pub section of the forum #the-pub

As well as in threads such as:

Hope this helped.


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See above post.


We’re around.
Over 35

I haven’t bothered to aim my stories specifically at older readers. I’m really not sure how to do that.


Yes, it may be helpful. I’ll repost my query at the Pub.


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There’s the #adultreads and #maturereads - some might be using it for more X-rated work, but as far as I know, those are designated for books for adults.

I write for an NA audience (18-30-ish) and just circling in “older circles” has really helped. (and tagging my books #NewAdult) So definitely check out the “oldies’s” threads (like the one posted above) and come hang out in #the-pub :smile:


Thank you! I’ll try those hashtags. Also: Does it matter whether I precede them with # or not?


If you’re writing in the designated tag area in your story settings, nope. If you don’t write a # manually it’ll pop up by itself :smile:


Yes, I’ve just been putting words in the tags of story settings. But even in book search, it doesn’t seem to make a vast difference.

Also, just asking about hashtags here makes me feel like a grandmother trying to figure out an iPhone. How does this derned thing work?


I still don’t know a whole lot about hashtags to be honest :joy:

There’s something buggy going on with the search engine. You get two very different results by either including the # and including it. It makes no sense. I can’t explain it to ya, to be honest, because I don’t get it either.


Can someone come to the nursing home and explain it to us? You’ll find me in the Alzheimer’s memory village where the reddit links are always blue.


I’ll be over at DeviantArt before they changed the icon and had points. And llamas. And badges. And a premium feature you had to pay for.


True story: I don’t directly quote characters’ thoughts because italicizing that used to require extra html codes. I still think in plain text.


I still find a touch screen phones tedious and I’m just waiting for the day keypads make a come-back.