How do you find and mark books for older adult readers?



I still type stories on a laptop older than my first child. I can’t imagine typing anything longer than a forum post on my smartphone.


I refuse to update my photoshop because I hate CC (I used a very outdated version until I finally upgraded - and now I don’t wanna upgrade again.)


I believe there was a “grownupreads” hashtag for a while. Not sure if that’s still a thing, though


Some current stories still use it. I added the tag. Thanks.



You might want to check out the @adultfiction profile over on Wattpad.

We try to cater exactly for the needs of the group you mention. You can apply to put your book on one of our reading lists. (Where, needless to say, you’ll find other writers with your target group).

Also, we encourage writers to use the hashtags #adultfiction and #grownupreads for their stories,

Don’t hesitate to ask if you need more information!


I tend to make the assumption that General Fiction usually contains stories for older readers because it’s so unspecified and wide-ranging that if it were for younger readers it would most likely say so and be labelled as YA or Teen Fiction specifically.

You’re right. Mature and Adult have been linked to erotica. One of my stories is labelled Mature which strongly implies sexual content (which it has). Maybe there should be something like Grown? I remember ChickLit was an age-group up from New Adult but the problem there is that it’s gender-specific, and books for us older readers aren’t necessarily always aimed at women.

I’d possibly go with Contemporary Fiction, General Fiction? Unfortunately, even I’m noticing that Young Adult fiction is disproportiantely large. Just googling genres and it’s all about the “themes and genres of Young Adult books” as though YA is the default for fiction writing.


Has anyone come up with a tag to use for flagging down Over 30 readers?

The stuff I’m posting is very mature - but not at all sexy.

Maybe #<30Reader ??


You can go to story services and ask for a mature age range to beta read your adult novel.

Hopefully that works :laughing:


Posting on threads frequented by older writers probably helps. There are usually bits in the title to steer you. When you find adult work that you like, posting good comments (and votes) also makes you more visible.

Since you can select only one genre, putting a variety of tags on a story can help. For example, on one mystery/thriller, I tagged action, chicklit, punk, rockmusic, outdoors, love, dogs, bears (all elements in the story), and other stuff I don’t recall. The more tags, the more likely your work will pop up in a search.

Your title and cover art should reflect the content, and aim at the sort of reader you want to draw.

My work doesn’t appeal to teens, which doesn’t bother me. I’m 32 and most of my readers are older. That means my stuff will never rack up thousands of reads. But the modest recognition it gets is enough to keep me engaged.


Hi, Have you checked out @Adultfiction on wattpad yet? That profile is for adullts, as in grownups, not x-rated necessarily. Lots of good books recommended in Book of The Month, as well as their reading lists
Tags #adultfiction (although that one does attract some x-rated stories!) and #grownup reads might also help when searching elsewhere:)


Hi Kat, see my post above - you might like to use the tag #grownupreads to flag stories which are for adult readers but not necessarily “mature” :slight_smile:




Welcome :slight_smile:


I’ve got mine labeled, now to go find some! BBL


This is great to know! :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a minimum length for books on your reading lists? Per Wattpad convention, I’m posting mine in installments, but it’s a finished manuscript and should be entirely up next month.


No minimum length, you can submit the book, probably best when it’s completed. It will be checked out by some members of the team and, if it fits the profile, added to a reading list. Best is if you already suggest which reading list might fit your book. What genre do you write?


I’ve looked at the reading lists there, can’t find a clear fit. Noir or Melting Hearts, maybe? It’s about a drunk mother and her cheating boyfriend, mildly reminiscent of “Valley of the Dolls.” On Wattpad in general, I’ve categorized it as chicklit.


Well, then best give it a go with whatever seems best for you. I’m sure someone will suggest another list if they think it fits better there. Good luck!


Back in the day, people used the following tags: #adultfiction, #adultreads and #grownupreads.