How do you find and mark books for older adult readers?



It’s still the same…


Thanks. I tend to dip in and out of WattPad. I like interacting with other writers and readers, but I’m kind of lax w/ my social media stuff.

Not sure why.

I think it’s my age, to be honest. Not that I’m a senior citizen. I’m only in my early 50’s. Not is it that I’m intimidated by tech. I’m not… In fact, I’m a true techy w/ Cisco and MS certifications and a facility for several programming languages.

And yet, I suck at social media. It doesn’t come natural to me.

Ironic, since I tend to be sociable in real-life.


I’m sorry man… Off subject:
I saw these when looking for cover photo ideas and it had me laughing lol. Reminded me of you. Your profile pic stands out to me so these naturally fit in.

Edit: dang it. I thought the second one was different than your profile. The same dude drinks coffee too


Yup. For anti-doxxing purposes, I stole my image from PixaBay. And my name is copped from a Star Wars episode.

But I loved the image because that photographer is just so… whimsical.

My favorite photo of his is the one with a bird on a tongue. I tried using here, but it didn;t translate to a good icon. So I used the one you’ve got posted here which I think does translate into a good icon.


That’s a good idea. I changed mine recently too, and it’s made me feel better as a writer and security wise. I am actually a redhead, but it’s an unsplash or pexels image, not my own. Well, on the Wattpad it is. Idk how to change the community one.


I got creeped out after some political extremist nitwit on some other site traced me via my degree at Ohio State and cross-referenced with some cities I had listed as He found an address from several years back and posted it. The website promptly banned him and all traffic coming from his IP/

From then on, it’s been "keep a buffer between the “real” you and your online life.

I doubt anything would ever happen to me or mine, but better safe than sorry.


I’m similarly social-media impaired. If I want to talk to you, I’ll talk to you. I can’t stand Facebook, even with all the family doing whatever posts. I don’t care about the memes and gifs, no matter how cute or funny- they aren’t that funny. I text with my daughter, that’s really about it.


I’ve noticed a converse correlation between someone’s amount of Facebook friends and the amount of friends they have IRL. Anything below 150 is an address book of real acquaintances. Anything in the quadruple digits is just collecting friend requests, and it’s likely the user only regularly interacts with their cat.


Thanks everybody for all your help! My novelette “The Out” is now ranked 33 on Adultfiction and even higher on Maturereads. That wouldn’t have happened without your guidance.

Also, I’m now following all your Wattpad profiles. Maybe that will generate more age-appropriate recommendations in my feed.


Hey, Elizabeth!

Just a heads up, I’m going to have to edit your comment slightly. You can always talk about your work, but adding a link to your story is considered self-advertising and is against Club Guidelines

If you’re interested in sharing your story on the forum, you can always post it in the Share a Story Club

Good luck finding your audience, and thanks for understanding!

Mo - Club Ambassador


Understood. :blush:


Lol! My cat answers back too…


The tag you chose is backward. ‘<’ means LESS THAN. You need ‘>’ which means GREATER THAN.


Me too


Unfortunately, I’m over 30, but not over 35. I don’t belong to any post shared around here.


That’s ok, the aim is for adult/mature; so different than the teeny-bopper mentality, lol.


Thanks. But I think I’ll spare myself the embarrassment ^-^’

I was in a group of 35+ wattpadders all friendly and happy to be there. All of a sudden, I got a polite message saying that they would love it if people repected the age group rule.
I stopped posting to that thread immediately.

So yeah… never again XD


That’s sad. I’m just repeating what the op had mentioned to others.


Oh really? They said that it’s totally OK? Well that’s great =D
I was so lost out here. I really wanna join an adult thread.


When I started this thread, it was because I was tired of seeing a Wattpad recommendation in something like paranormal, only to open it up and the first thing I see is high school drama. Like, dammit, again?!

I forget how old I was when I stopped reading most YA, but I’m pretty sure it was younger than 30. To me, the dividing line would be “minds/doesn’t mind teenage protagonists.”