How do you find and mark books for older adult readers?



A couple years ago EVERYONE was writing YA - and some of it was pretty close to erotica. (Well, 50 Shades was Twilight fan fiction - which was YA - so it’s easy to get confused.)

That’s when I gave up using the genre label Romance and YA for my stuff. I don’t write the hot stuff - so I started working on my Mom’s short stories and I’m still waiting for the market to cool off.

I don’t think I’m the only person who is scratching her head, either. lol


Its so hard to do these days. I find that its always just a case of being in the right thread at the right time to find books and authors that cater to your tastes. Its a great feeling when you find something though!


What does everyone like to read?

I liked the books for Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Longmire. I read the Washington Post everyday, which is starting to feel like a bad habit that I need to break.

There was a Sci-Fi that I read here that I liked too, ‘A Starship called Starsong.’

But for some reason I don’t read as much as I used to. I think it’s because I spend too much time at the laptop, trying to write.


If I’m being honest, I’ll read anything, or at least give it a go. Though I’m not keen on like vampire and werewolf stories. Mostly just cause vampires genuinely scare the heck out of me haha


Old style Horror Vampires and Werewolves?


Yeah! Before they got all sexied up haha


We are here, and I’ve read some good stuff from older writers on here. I tend to check out the profiles first.


Annoying, isn’t it. Llamas are oddly addictive.


I still don’t get the function of them or why people send me them :joy:



Is there something I should know? I’m an alpaca, but if it’s bad to be a llama I can become the World’s Cutest Dog In A Hat. Or a big huge horse.


No, wait, I can do better. Equine Cheesecake!



My one published novel is post-sexied-up. Our vampire hero is sad because he’s too neurotic to get laid.


I’m wondering how that works XD


Even he doesn’t know. Some random drifter infected him a decade earlier so he’s still figuring out the whole vampire thing. If he can maintain his facade as a functional adult without killing anyone, he feels like he’s done well.

If you’re curious, Amazon up “The Silver Option” by Elizabeth Lasky. Also in bookstores.


Ooh I’ll do that.


Just checked it out, you don’t seem to have a Kindle edition.


Correct. That was the publisher’s decision. It may come out on Kindle in a few months, but right now they’re focusing on print, with distribution in multiple countries.


Ah, shame. I only purchase on Kindle.


PM me your email address.


Ha, I should get you to check out my werewolf books. I got tired of the moongoddess tropes, and had to go write my own werewolf books.