How do you find and mark books for older adult readers?



Hahahaha that sounds amazing!


To be honest, it would be lovely if someone created a working hashtag for older writers to help promote their respective works because while I don’t mind younger writers, I’d love to read stories from writers more my age and maturity level. Not saying younger writers can’t be mature or visa versa, but still.


So what did you do differently?


Can we not make our own hashtags? like #olderreaders or something?


#adultreads and #maturereads are two that I’ve used.


I’m not well versed enough in hashtags to know all the ins and outs, but if people have a few they’re using I’d love to hear them


I’ll have to give those a try!


This is worth carrying down too.


I was inspired by the micronation my daughter jonined. I never knew micronations existed before that. So my Alpha King is made king of of one, so he does hold the title of king, and can claim it in public. His mother had written some children’s books, putting life lessons in the stories of a wolf pup, his real-life childhood adventures, told as fiction.

My MC in Little Wolf is half Native American and has the spirit of the wolf as his spirit guide; that’s the spiritual element, whose main goal is uniting his worldly Wolfpack- a goal my MC accepts. It’s an origin story, the beginning of the alpha king. His father’s family had lived as actual wolves in the Black Forest.

The other side of the coin, the abuse of omegas and mates which is so pathetically present in so many Wattpad werewolf stories, is dealt with in Rogue Wolf. My MC there is a street punk who grew up under the thumb of his mom’s pimp. I began with the premise of how these things could come about in the real world. It’s a realistic view of how people react to trauma. My MC works to overcome and end abuse. His biggest fear is becoming what he hates.


What is micronation?


In short, it’s someone deciding to make a nation. It isn’t necessarily acknowledged by other nations of course. One has a “navy” fleet of RV’s, and toy rockets for their space program. One stands against plastic in the oceans, another wants to save Antarctica for research and so claimed it. They actually sent a letter to all of the countries who had a treaty to share that land, and none protested their claim. Of course, none probably took them seriously either. One is acknowledged by Spain and was given a title in exchange for land usage rights.

Think fraternities and sororities, other organizations like Boy Scouts, Shriners, etc. that don’t claim to be a nation but have membership(citizenship, lol) that is similar.

Micronation conference


Hello everyone! Name’s Sarah, and I’m a newbie here. :slight_smile:

This thread caught my attention since I, too, was looking for adult—or more adult—fiction among all the YA and youth novels out on Wattpad. The nod at the hashtags for adult readers is a great help already! I found the @/adultfiction page as well as some users I could follow for starters, so thank you for this thread, @Skyblacker2. :smile:

Now, I have a question related to all this. Since my current fantasy novel contains somewhat darker themes along all that is magic and spiritual, I am not sure if I absolutely NEED to flag it as “mature” when creating it, or if it’s enough to just post it along the mentioned tags.

Themes include: child abuse (and the management of the resulting trauma well into adulthood), depression, substance abuse, war… you name it. I’m also not quite sure how the Wattpad community handles LGBT+ content. I am always frustrated how it’s rated “adult” or “inappropriate” by default on other platforms, so I hope that’s not the case here. Explicit sex scenes will not be part of the story’s romance. Death and trauma, on the other side, will be heavily implied, shown, and discussed.

So… do I absolutely need to flag it as “mature”? I fear I may be to, uh, “old” already to discern whether the themes fall under “explicit”. Unfortunately, the explanation next to the mature button on the “create” page did not help me with that distinction. :confused:

Thanks for reading, in any case, and maybe some of you can clear things up for me!


Hey, without having read your story, it’s hard to say if it needs a mature rarting or even contains banned content. You’ll find more information here: Content guidelines
Perhaps this helps.


I’m loathe to flag a story as “mature” because that can severely limit its reach. Not sure what the Wattpad policy is now, but at least at some point, a story flagged “mature” could remove it from category rankings, search results, and basically make it invisible to every user but the author’s followers.

So, many authors have compromised by not flagging their stories mature, but putting content warnings within the description or story itself.


This is certainly not my field of expertise, but mature stories can and do rank in the hotlists. This has changed now for quite a while.
Also, mature stories are visible to everyone - not only the author’s followers.
They only won’t show up in searches of underage readers - and that’s how it should be.
The gist of the mature rating is to make Wattpad a safe place for readers of all ages.


I had to debate with myself, and go through the guidelines a few times, before I decided to list my one werewolf book, Rogue Wolf, as mature. I figured better safe than sorry. There is an abuse theme, though I tried to keep things from getting graphic for the most part. The book’s theme is overcoming and dealing with abuse.


Sounds like a reasonable decision to me. And it shouldn’t hurt your read count. To the contrary in my experience.


I’m also concerned about this - there appear to be plenty of Heroic Coming Out stories, but I’m worried about having the LGBT character less than heroic.


First of all, thanks for all your answers. And quite fast, too. :heart:

The guidelines do provide more insight than just the “Mature” button’s explanation in the “Create” area, that’s for sure @jinnis. Still, I was unsure despite “self-harm” clearly being part of the mature condition. Was just mentioning that my protagonist used to take drugs against his childhood trauma enough to be seen as “Mature”?

But after all your answers—and the reassurance that stories with the flagging still show up in the search of adult readers—I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll flag my novel as “Mature”. You’ll never know if your characters won’t break out of your carefully planned narrative and suddenly relapse. :sweat_smile:

That way, I’m safe—and younger readers are, too. So thank you again for your insights!

Yes, I’ve seen quite a lot of them! And I do understand the necessity for many of our lgbt brothers and sisters to write about that, to have this heroism attached to their coming out. We’ve been chastised for far too long.

But I long for… different content. Queer people just having adventures. Saving the world, or making everything worse while they try to do that, only to then take up on another quest… We don’t have enough of that. Which is why I want to mend that. :grin:


I think the propensity for coming out stories comes from Wattpad’s bias toward YA. Teenagers are preoccupied with finding themselves and asserting their identities. Whereas in general, adults have settled into their personalities and are more concerned with external stressors.