How do you find and mark books for older adult readers?



The first 20 years are the hardest.

The next 20 years are built on the first.

I’m not sure what happened to the last 18 years. Still trying figure out where they went. LOL


Feeling the same… somehow, from 40 onwards, everything rushed by at an incredible speed


@JE-Glass1 and @StuartCampbell5 Hi! We recommend the tag #grownupreads as well as #adultfiction :slight_smile:
It’s a funny thing though, when I go to my library, the books are grouped as “Adult Fiction” “Teen Fiction” or “Childrens” and no-one seems to expect the Adult Fiction shelves will only contain erotica or Mature books lol Don’t know why it should be different here!


Exactly, but somehow it seems different here. The reason might be that in the library, it’s the librarian’s decision what ends up on which shelf. While on Wattpad, it’s the author’s choice. In the end we have so many mislabelled stories it becomes tough to find the correctly tagged ones in the swamp


It does. Life tends to hit harder and knock you on your butt more often.

But I’m okay with that - I’ve taken my Hard Knocks and will keep going forward.


Nice to meet another graduate from the school of hard knocks.


We are everywhere. Nice to meet a fellow alumnus.

Do you use some of Life’s Lessons in your writing?


I suffered some “mild” abuse as a budding teen, and I incorporate some of it into my one werewolf book. My other werewolf book is about a man becoming the first alpha king, and I incorporate a lot of life lessons in that one.


Marking books for older readers.

The hashtag, or lookup suggestions are already given. I’d note that the older members here are in the minority. I would also hope that the readers under twenty did not feel constrained to read only titles branded (which is insulting) for “Young People” as if they were not fit to read “Real” books and literature. Its a goofy idea based on sales statistics weighted by book sales to adults that were bought as gifts for children, and the conception that until well into the mid twenties, “Young People” are only interested in the schoolyard and their playmates. Heaven forfend any would,all on their own, pick up and read a Michael Critchon book that did not feature a pair of ten year olds, or a standard rack novel. Absurd.


I gave up on that a long time ago - the system of labels, and writers who put their stuff in the wrong category because ‘the right category is too full’ don’t fool me.

I now find stories here by following the works of people whose posts are literate, witty, inventive, creative - so I expect their books will be, too. I’m not disappointed. Even when they are not mature as writers, their ideas and the way they convey them shine by comparison.


Yes, I’m feeling the same.


Most of my readers (according to the stats) are 45 and older. Not sure what they see in it. I write straightforward synopses and make my own covers, avoiding the generic airport rack pulp/Wattpad gloss. The appeal is not obvious, but p’raps that’s what some people like.


I’m 54 or maybe 55. I tend to lose track. That slant to YA does seem to be part of Wattpad. I was aware of when I started posting a book which I’ve tages as New Adult. Sometimes I see these age categories as related to Erikson’s stages of development. YA 12-18 is identity vs role confusion. But I think it frequently has the earlier stage, industry vs inferiority.
20-40 is intimacy vs isolation. So I see New Adult as being about intimacy with some left over role confusion. The next two stages are generativity vs. stagnation and integrity vs. despair. These stages are where I think Wattpad falls short. I never have liked midlife crises stories but I did see if midlife works as a Wattpad keyword. It doesn’t. Instead it brings up more YA. #Midlife might be a good label for generativity vs stagnation stories. Writers in the last stage >60 tend toward memoire but I see that they often like to read about younger characters set in the time they grew up. They like to look back on their lives.
I suspect that there may soon be more older writers showing up on Wattpad as they become disillusioned with professional publishing platforms. Generally >60 writers aren’t concerned about earning money, since they are often retired. 40-60 also isn’t motivated all that much by money. According to Erikson they want to make a contribution. So I predict both these demographics might be migrating to Wattpad.