How do you get attracted by a book?

So here is THE ultimate question,how do YOU decide as a READER,if you want to read this particular book or not.

Personally,for me,Even though it’s a common belief to not judge a book by it’s cover personally I DO,guilty mam,I judge your books by your covers. SO GIVE A DAMN ABOUT IT.

  1. Description - it tells me if you actually even gave a f about your own story or not

  2. THE FIRST CHAPTER- either I am going read the whole book or gonna drop it the minute it’s completed.

So what are your criteria,how do you choose a book,as a reader,you might not even notice it,but you unintentially do this,but as a writer it’s gonna really benefit how all of us choose books of any genre and maybe adapt ourselves and better ourselves as a writer.

I think that a great cover is a start, a great cover and a appetising description that doesn’t give the whole book away in one go


Yup,a cover is definitely something I look up for,sometimes I just give a chance to a book just bcoz of their beautiful cover. Great to know it’s just ain’t me

I get my friend to find me people to make covers for my books because she owns a cover shop on a different platform.

I’ve had two covers from her, my first book is my favrirote one the second one was a make-shift cover that an artist poured her heart into and the person never wanted it after she finished it, so when I was looking for a cover, I got it.

The only issue with it, is that it’s a little blurry

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  1. Genre. If it’s not romance then I’m much more likely to pick it up.
  2. Description. Does it sound like a story I might enjoy?
  3. The first part. If there are little-to-no errors, then I’ll probably continue because I don’t want to waste my time reading something that obviously wasn’t proofread.

I only remember one time when I was attracted to a book by its cover and it came up during a Google Image search.

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I am first drawn to a story by the title and the cover combo. From there, I then check out the blurb of the book. Then, if this piques my curiosity, I’ll take a peek at the first chapter :smiley:

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While I’ve gotten attracted to a story in the first place by a cover, it doesn’t guarantee that I will continue reading. For me, covers are a side dish to the main meal.

So I get attracted to a story like this (and it’s chronological):

  1. The title.

The title draws me in first and foremost. I’m very picky on how it should look because I try to look for professional looking stories, even if you’re no professional. But it should be capitalized correctly and not be filled with “I’m a cliche story!” vibes. For example, if I see the Bad Boy Dates My Sister, I will not click on it.

  1. The summary.

If I liked the title and it piqued my interest, I’ll click on the story to see what it’s about. I’m not interested in excerpts… they tell me nothing about the story. I’m okay if an excerpt is with the summary, but it shouldn’t be by itself. I’m also heavily annoyed with vague summaries that tell me nothing about what to expect in the story, so it should focus on the main characters, the problem, and what might happen where they can fix it. And finally, it should be well written. If there’s obvious mistakes in the summary, it’ll tell me that there are obvious mistakes in the story… and that’ll force me away.

  1. The first paragraph.

If your title and summary hooked me in, then we move onto round three where I read the first paragraph or so. This is where I check to see if it starts off horrible. If it starts with a character waking up and dumping her entire life story, I’m out. If it starts with heavy descriptions about her appearance, I’m out. If it starts with a boring morning routine or a dream or anything that isn’t relevant to the scene or plot, then I’m out. Otherwise, I move onto phase four.

  1. The first chapter.

If the first paragraph or so is good, I skim through the chapter to make sure there’s no obvious mistakes or anything that annoys me. This is something like missing needed punctuation marks, using CAPS for yelling, text speak, etc. I’m okay for small mistakes because we’re not perfect writers, but if it’s something like I’ve mentioned, I’ll click out of the story. Otherwise, I move onto phase five.

  1. Adding the story.

If your story made it this far, then I’ll be adding said story to my reading list. Of course, I suck when it comes to actually reading on here but I’ll eventually get to it… maybe… hopefully before I die of old age. :rofl: :older_woman: But if I like a story enough, I’ll add it and when I do read it and enjoy it, I’ll comment and vote on every chapter I read.


Description and first two chapters

For me the first thing is genre. If I like that then I read the synopsis. If the synopsis is decently interesting and engaging then I check out the first chapter and that’s usually where I make my decision to continue it or put it down. For example, if the grammar is just terrible, its a goodbye from me, or if it’s just not well done in general.

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For me it’s all about the plot and the writing.
The writing doesn’t have to be perfect because that can be worked on. But it has to be a good quality (in my opinion) to get the plot across.

I do a lot of critique 4 critiques so In terms of Wattpad the genre doesn’t bother me too much (there are genres that I won’t do) and while the cover to me is important it wouldn’t put me off all together.

Errors again don’t bother me too much because I can point them out for people and they can improve. If there are tons and tons that would probably put me off continuing to read.

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First part with little to no errors,that means you mostly read edited books I guess? I mean to say,like books which are proof read edited that kinda is your taste…or just normal grammatical mistakes?

What kind of blurb is your go-to,I get it about cover and maybe a bit of title too,but how do you judge a blurb? Does it need to Covey something or it’s about metaphors what attracts your in a blurb?

Couldn’t have said better,lmao.

As a writer it’s always been a dilemma to me how to Covey a summary as I mostly write with alot of subplots and keep changing my mind,but I like how descriptive you are for your liking in blurb it’s so much more incitful.

I think WE all are in the same page here😂but if not this how do you expect your ideal first para to be like? Should it be something suspenseful or something too thrilling and chilling too random?

Good descriptive?

I would love to know what’s your take on that.

I guess it’s a impress in a minute or a bye situation with you😂but loved your detailed answer thank you for this.

What do you expect from the first two chapters?

What should they tell you to make you read the whole book or atleast half of it?

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When I mean proofread, I mean the author looks like he or she has taken the time to check for grammar and spelling errors. If I see something like this in the first paragraph:

“Oh no” She said.


I defiantly did not expect that. He could of not done such a thing, right?

I immediately quit the book.

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Do you write as well,if yes,what’s your take on editing ,as you mentioned you are quite lucky with your book choices,so when you write your books how do you choose words and grammars and do you edit it before publishing or it’s a different rule?

What kind of plots intrigue you,as you mentioned you read and crituqe alot of books what is the most common mistake you keep seeing in books you crituqe and common plots which you feel should change or maybe evolve?

What’s good quality for you,a cliche story written well? Or just a really different theme plot story?

That’s a good way to choose books.

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Yeah, covers usually pique my curiosity– although saying this it may grab my attention. But, without good detail and no characters that I can connect with, that’s where the book will lose my interest.

Hm it’s hard to say because I read pretty much anything here - I like some different plots. One I read yesterday for example was a crime book based entirely on sisterly love (so far that is I haven’t finished it yet haha) but I don’t tend to see much of that around WP (there probably is if I look more lol) anything I don’t usually see pulls me straight away.

Some of the most common “mistakes” is description I think. I mean I’m by no means perfect myself haha. But I think a lot of people I tend to critique just miss on some word building and descriptions mainly of the senses so smelling etc.

As for common plots - it’s usually the romance love at first sight. It’s not a necessarily a bad thing. But I do think there’s a common misconception between love and lust and it tends to be the teen writers. Sounds like a generalisation but that’s what I find haha. Or the enemies to lovers.
I do love a good romance but I think it’s potentially overdone and somewhat unrealistic. But then there are markets out there for it.

I think a mix of both. I don’t mind cliches at all - I think cliches are that for a reason. Like people bad mouth a cliche but then they’ll read them happily.
For me good quality writing is descriptive, well executed plot and characters and world that are built up well.
If I see a plot that is totally different to anything I’ve seen before that’s amazing but if the writing isn’t executing it well that’s a let down. But then equally writing is something that can be improved so I’d probably come back later when the authors improved.

It’s hard for me to explain properly :joy: and I’ve gone on a ramble :joy:

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